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Soybean harvesting underway with yields varying from field to field

Ideal harvest conditions are allowing
Louisiana farmers to make quick work of this year’s soybean crop. Many beans were
planted late because of a wet spring, and late planted beans do not yield as well.
We’re not going to any home runs or break any records, I don’t think. Could have
been a whole lot worse with all that extremely wet weather early and then we
had another flooding event when the beans were trying to mature and we lost
some beans due to the flooding. Late planted beans yield lower because they
are subjected to the higher temperatures of summer and more insect and disease
pressure during periods when the soybeans are more vulnerable. Some
growers had to wait until July to plant because of soggy conditions. Once you get
past June the yields go down anyway even in a good in a good year on some of
those late planted beans they’re seeing more pest problems as well. Acreage is
down significantly this year Louisiana typically has between 1.2 and 1.4
million acres of soybeans. This year’s crop is expected to be approximately 1
million acres a decrease of more than 20%. Prices are also much lower. There’s
nothing like what we saw back in 2012, I know that was a while back when we were
you know 14/15 dollar a bushel beans we’re way out for that last, I checked we
weren’t even at $9. The trade spat between China and the US is blamed for the
depressed prices. China was the number one export market for U.S. soybeans but
they have dramatically reduced their purchases of U.S. grown beans. With the LSU
AG center this is Craig Gautreaux reporting.

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