1. Barry Smith

    FARMERS instituting a system-change?! remember: the corporate takeover of the u s govt, u s food-system, education, media, banking, judicial, law enforcement…

  2. Rose Baker

    I love these videos. This video makes very good points. Change can't start with the farmer though. It has to start with all of us other individuals. 2% of the population has to feed the other 98%. Back 100 years ago every family had a garden and produced at least a portion of their own food. Now very little of the population gardens or raises livestock. And think about it. If we all stopped eating from these monoculture farms and started only buying from local organic farms how long till those local farms couldn't support the demand? We all have to change together. And believe me these farmers could use a break most are on the brink of losing everything trying to expand to meet the demands. Farming doesn't pay. I know because I worked in agriculture all my life. I have worked along side these people who try to feed everyone while their families go hungry. We all need to be accountable.

  3. Butson Boursiquot

    Greeat stuff all around <) – if i may add or important to keep in mind this reverse healing process from ourselves(consciously), our system(social) and nature(mother earth) is possibly gonna be a generation to another generation pace. Bless you all out there.

  4. On My Marc

    Monsanto definitely isn't doing the best they can with what they know, unless you mean doing their best to make money and ruin our natural earth.

  5. Dru Klein

    Backster's claims were refuted by Horowitz, Lewis, and Gasteiger (1975) and Kmetz (1977). Kmetz summarized the case against Backster in an article for the Skeptical Inquirer in 1978. Backster had not used proper controls in doing his study. When controls were used, no detection of plant reaction to thoughts or threats could be found. These researchers found that the cause of the polygraph contours could have been due to a number of factors, including static electricity, movement in the room, changes in humidity, etc.

  6. Dennis O'Neill

    Monsanto, and the other few large chemical/GMO corporations are poisoning the earth's soil with carcinogens, and other toxins. It's good that Monsanto, the producer of a product known to be a neurotoxin, Nutrasweet, just had a very large financial court judgement against it for Round Up's carcinogenicity.

  7. indyo Anderson

    Humans need to give our bodies back to the earth and stop the traditional funeral process more specifically plant garden on the graveyard, switch between the gardens by cycles of 7 years

  8. Qjuan Turner

    Well, what if you buy your fruits and veggies from the grocery store..do you simply show gratitude before you cook or eat them and that will make everything ok??? or what if you store a crystal inside your fridge … What do I do???

  9. Hippie Fertilizing

    Being someone who is passionate about soil I love this video! I really would love one based on our lawns. I would like to call it the case for the urban meadow. Encouraging people to view our lawns as apart of the environment and not just a place to treat with chemicals. How can we ever expect commercial agricultural to change when most people are willing to poison ourselves and our environment over an illusion of the "perfect lawn".

  10. Murtle Turtle

    The moment I look up permaculture I find loads of information on myths they form about agriculture – These mostly being people who don't mass produce for a large amount of people.

    I did more research, and everything seems very shady on the permaculture side. I'm not saying permaculture can't exist, it's very obvious that it can! But you have to remember that there's a lot of myths and lies out there that're told out of spontaneous action and lack of knowledge for true agriculture, along with the fact that this isn't ancient times anymore. We're not producing for the hundreds, for the thousands, or for the millions. We're producing food for up to 8 billion people across the world. So basically – permaculture is possible and very well needed. Not that it isn't needed because it SO is – but there still has to be certain forms of modern day agriculture practice to ensure the livelyhood of mass crops. A small garden or even a very small SMALL farm IS MUCH different than a mass, large produce farm that works to get food out to a lot of people. They often run into a lot of problems which you won't run into when it's a much smaller farm or a personal garden.

    So to put it all short – you're right on one hand, and yet you misunderstand a little on another hand and forget certain unfortunate realities.

    Although I will say that researching about this more does make me want to create my own garden, where permaculture is used more often and VERY effective.

  11. Dairy Moos

    A lot of misinformation here- many vegans have experienced tragic health effects of a vegan diet because of malnourishment- plants not the best food. You can look up their stories by searching ex-vegan. Meat and dairy are good for you, look up the hashtag #meatheals

  12. Caro C

    Much people don’t know this but if you peed on your compost you can add a lot amount of vitamins to soil and nitrogen. Human pee is a great organic fertilizer if you get over of the gross part. It’s natural and our bodies produce it. I studied industrial engineering and I proposed this project and everybody just saw it as a disgusting solution. But it is necessary for our future. Nobody wants to invest on this.

  13. Emily Z

    Loved this video! For anyone that is wanting a way to remove the pesticides that are stored in the body here is a product that does just that. https://ishoppurium.com/products/biome-medic?variant=55054557525
    This is the only product on the market that is proven to remove glyphosate from the body!

  14. Aaron

    What about growing produce through hydroponics? Massive increase in large scale hydroponic farms growing leaf vegetables, herbs, tomatos etc

  15. Rozemary Eichhorn

    You are so right!! But people DO want to farm the right way, but the problem that is keeping people from being ABLE to farm the better way is MONSANTO!!! They WON’T LET you farm the better way!! Monsanto is a monopoly on all their GMO seeds producing “Franken-food,” thus forcing you to buy seed from them only, to use the toxic chemicals, one of which is glysphate (aka roundup), and farm THEIR way!! They punish those who don’t cooperate with them, or make it excruciatingly difficult for them. I heard they are going after the organic farmers too.
    I have stopped buying produce for about 15-20 years, the tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, apples don’t taste like they used to, they taste fake. I refuse to buy any bread, pasta or cereal grown here in our country because of the permitted GMO’s and chemicals. No meats, dairy or eggs unless organic and grass fed. No farm- raised fish. And they WONDER WHERE cancer, diabetes, GERD, acid reflux, and other diseases come from?? I work in a doctor’s office and I’m the ONLY one who has never called in sick my whole life, even the doctor was out with the flu for a week!!

  16. Colobrinus With a side of cube

    There is literally nothing wrong with. GMOs
    Also, literally everything makes you fat. Not even an exaggeration. Literally EVERYTHING.
    And dirt isn’t alive. The stuff on it is. Just like the earth isn’t alive.
    5:13 actually, it was because the top soil was turned up, not monoculture.
    About the worm thing, it is probably because we have expanded more meaning the worms go on concrete where they burn alive, you didn’t provide a source for this
    Pesticide is also not deadly, just because it kills insects does not mean it will hurt us.Ebola will kill us but not fruit bats
    If you are gonna make claims about cancer at least give a reference and link the study
    That organic video is bs as well, literally there is almost no difference between organic and non organic plants
    This radiation suits? There is a huge difference to being sprayed with something directly vs eating something a few months after it has been sprayed
    In summary, this entire video was bs.

  17. The Flower of Life King

    I love love. Love this video thank you so much everyone who made this video and thank you patch lol the information in this video was beautiful. Thank u for making this. Namaste


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