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SpongeBob Crop Circle! 👽 3 DAYS to Make?! | #SpongeBobSaturdays

[music playing] My name is Stan Herd.
I’m a Lawrence, Kansas artist and I’m an earth works artist
to create images using earth’s palette and tractors. We’re in Lawrence, Kansas and
we’re creating an image of of SpongeBob Squarepants
in one acre of brome. I think of SpongeBob
as a creature from nature. And I create art in nature, so when I get the phone call from
Nickelodeon that I’m going to get with this amazing character
from the history of television, SpongeBob Squarepants,
it was a pretty exciting day. On an image like this, the real key
is to lay the image out first. There’s three or four days of work
that goes into it to lay the image out and find the design by subtle markings. They can’t be seen from the air. And then we pop out in two
or three days and knock it all down. [music playing] Nickelodeon has defined
how that image looks, the colors, they’re very
particular about that. So when you get into
a field of brome grass, and you have all this material
you get from the local store, then you have a whole different palette. And the idea that you know
when to make something bold and when to make it step back, that was the most gratifying
piece of this. [music playing] You know, the interesting thing
in SpongeBob, when you first look at it,
you only see the image. And you think you know
what you’re looking at. When you live with an image
for four or five days, I laid it out, and I’m walking on it
and I’m living on it. I get up in the morning,
I’m out there at 7 o’ clock and I’m playing with it and I’m starting to
finally go “oh my gosh look at the tooth.” Just the tooth alone, it’s a tooth. Well, it’s a tooth, but in
SpongeBob it has a shadow. Well, when we put the white
wood chips down for the highlight of the tooth, we left simply the mown grass,
which was this gray tone that’s actually a different texture and
captures the light in a different way. And it worked perfectly for the shadow.
It looks like a shadow. So those are the type of things
that are maybe dumb luck more than anything. But being able to recognize
what you’re capable of doing within the parameters
of the materials that you have. And the time that you have,
and then all these different things is to me what the art’s about. [music playing] American has many iconic figures,
but SpongeBob is certainly one. And to get to be involved in
creating something out of cutting edge,
no pun intended, with this amazing character from
Nickelodeon is a great honor for me. [music playing] The next chore is to feed the worm homes. [ringing] Slop. Aw, are you hungry-wungy
cutie-wutie hoggy-woggy? That tickles. [screaming] Um, could somebody hand me those? Now you be gentle
when you milk old Bessie. [mooing] Don’t you worry. I’ll take it easy peasy
on the old jelly squeezy. [groaning] What in tarnation– [mooing] A Jaken jelly sandwich! Your final chore is
harvesting my kelp patch. Oh, this’ll be a snap. Not that patch. That one. [moaning] That’ll take forever. Not if you use my tractor. But… but I don’t have
a tractor license. I got lots of licenses. Driver’s license, fishing license, marriage license, oh, here it is! Tractor license! Wow Patrick, you’re really good at this. The secret is to stay cool
as a seas cucumber. I don’t let anything distract–
Ah, a bee! Oh! Silly bee! [screaming] Get off, get off, get off, get off! [screaming] Hold on, buddy. I got it. Ya! Got it. Yay, don’t let it go. [screaming] Hey, this is fun! Ah! [laughing] [screaming] Whoa! Ooh… Did I bail out too soon?


  1. Marvil Degayo Aquino Author

    I love the imagination and great joy for the humanity of SpongeBob SquarePants to become one of the most iconic successful animated series in the world of Nickelodeon!

  2. CalolBest Author

    Why don’t you make a face first then after that paint the more detailed part green then after that paint green the remaining inside of the face then put SpongeBob in it? LOL

  3. ItsJust Emily Author

    Spongbob: We should’ve made squidwords wOrld out of glue not earwax.

    Patrick: yea we needed more ear wax.

    Spongbob: yea considering neither of us even have ears.

    Everyone: 🤣🤣


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