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Spraying Dormant Oil – This Week In the Garden

Okay, I’m about to control some scale, or
try to control some scale on this crape myrtle, and I have here, in this sprayer, a dormant
oil solution, and that is what we recommend at this time of the year to control crape
myrtle scale. Keep in mind when you use a dormant oil solution, that you keep it, support
of it stays in solution, it will tend to settle out, so shake it up from time to time when
you’re spraying. Now, I’m going to spray to the point of run off, as far up as I can reach,
realizing that this is a large crape myrtle, very large. I’m going to pay special attention
to the trunk and lower limbs. This, as I mentioned, is a dormant oil product in the jug, and the
only time that you have a problem using that is if there’s a hard freeze forecast within
the next 48 hours, it’s important that the water carrier in this solution has time to
evaporate before we get into any real cold weather conditions. Good coverage, important.

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