Articles, Blog *NEW* Update! – NEW *WATERMELON* Crop! (Huge Reidite Base In Legacy!)

iRAIDYOU Presents… New Update!


  1. evan wang Author

    IRU, I love all your videos and gameplays ,and I subbed to you and turned notifications on. Can I play with you sometime, that would be great, thx.

  2. Hellovfg10 Author

    This was na 2 LOOOL I was there and yogurt is a savage who used to be my friend but killed me and took all my stuff Lol

    Legend, u literally killed every savage

  3. moOhmeD abd_elRhman Author

    like a boss 1 🙂 6:24
    like a boss 2 🙂 7:21
    like a boss 3 🙂 9:21
    end of the boss 🙁 9:35

    i need a heart
    please man 🙁

  4. WorkBench Starveio Author

    1:27 WorkBench is me xd. i saw you farmer berries base at bigger island

    i was on NA 2. it was my reidite farmer base at ocean (corner top right) but u didnt see my base btw cool video
    edit: why ur attacked me 1:27

  5. The Elemental Bois Author

    I don't believe it! Why are u hanging out with GT clan?
    Also did you just kill that dude for the spot because you like to savage?

  6. zRivalty Author

    IRU, you should make a video on how to eat a muffin. also you should create a working muffin button. if you press on something a muffin falls out of something

  7. Sh4c4luN3grU Author

    Hey,iRAIDYOU,yes u .

    Why u dont fking make videos with voice? I LIKE THE VOICE VIDEOS PLOZ MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!! ❤💙💚💛💜💝💖💞💟💓💗

  8. Papelito- Brawl Stars Author

    iRaidYou you know that guy Cryptex
    that streaming and you said you wana promote him, he fucking killed me for no reason whit hes fucking friends and then he killed 5 more inocent guys hes a fucking savage and for the God sake don't help him he don't deserve to get any help, i worked 2 hours for a nice and peacefull base and he insta kill me ToT

  9. Hunter s Author

    Iraidyou I commented in UFOs video saying that your the best and that your better than him and he said true can I get a heart for that plz 🙂

  10. Eimantas Gustaitis Author

    Wow, I never saw reidite base + even HUGE reidite base, but in this video I saw how it was built and how big is it! How long does it take to complete this building?


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