Steinhart Ocean One 39 Ceramic

ah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey guys welcome to the channel I've got a Steinhardt here to show you this is their new release this is the ocean 139 this is the smaller version of their very popular ocean 1 model and it was sent to me by my good friend Robert of random Rob he bought this as soon as it became available from Stein Hart's website now I went and looked and it's a sense I think sold out because the button that I see on the screen only says you can preorder this so it is kind of hard to get your hands on right now so big thanks to him for sending it to me and allowing me a little bit of time to spend with the watch and share with you my thoughts you may be asking is this nicer than the larger 42 millimeter version of the ocean one I think they've done a really good job in scaling this down to the smaller more traditional 39 millimeter size and I think that this is a very solid offering and definitely want to consider if you're looking for an homage watch now I know homages are not for everybody and that's totally fine everybody's tastes are different if you're not a fan of this one you probably hope you're a fan of the video but if you don't mind homage watches I hope that you enjoy this content and I'm gonna try and keep it very objective and talk about the good things as well as the bad or negative points of this watch now what do I like I like the smaller size I think the thirty nine millimeter proportions are perfect now I've got seven point two five inch wrist so I've got a little bit larger wrists and hands and I think this looks really good on my wrist that was my big criticism of the larger 42 millimeter version is the lugs were just too straight I didn't get it quite I didn't get quite the fit that I wanted to get but you can see this one on my wrist I think it sits very nicely and the lugs although they aren't curving down like you would get on a real Rolex Oyster case I think it fits I think it fits really good I like the proportions I like the way it feels I like the way it sits it's got good presence it's definitely not too small for those of you that have larger wrists like I do and I will say it's a very attractive looking watch I mean that gloss ceramic finish on the bezel insert really plays with the light very nicely so it is pretty dynamic to look at you've got a sapphire crystal here with the date magnifier at the three o'clock position and there are two layers of AR coating on the underside of this crystal so it's got a very nice application that will help with the clarity and cut down on the haze and the reflections but it's not going to cut it out entirely with only being a one-sided application now if we look at the dial on a macro level you can see it's got a very nice execution we've got applied markers here they are filled with super-luminova be gw9 so i'm gonna give you a loom shot now you can see the loom is actually generously applied it's not gonna be Seiko bright but it is gonna be pretty adequate and I think for the price point for the $500 price point I think it's pretty good notice that big triangle loom pip on the bezel it's actually I think almost brighter than the handset in the markers that are on the dial it's quite well done I think it's a very deep application so that's pretty cool to see now take a look at this bracelet I think Steinhardt has altered it slightly from its larger 42 millimeter version this has a more dramatic taper so we've got 20 millimeter lugs and then it tapers down to 16 at this milled clasp so that you've got a flip lock here it's a little stiff there we go there's a nice milled section here it's all polished it's nice and thick you've got for micro adjustment holes on this clasp and the action is very nice so I think the bracelet is good you are getting screw links to connect the pins together and I think the finish is just as nice as the finished work that's on the case so that's nice to see here now the movement in here is an ETA 28 24 – 2 ELab or grades so I really like the fact that they're not using a celita you know they're not using a clone of the 28 24 and they're not using a base caliber or a base finish of the 28 24 this is the nicer upgraded grade and I think is a very nice execution very nice to see it's a $500 price point and so kudos ironheart for giving us this level of movement in a watch that only costs $500 now what are the negative points about this watch I think it really kind of comes down to one aspect and that's going to be the bezel now I like the ceramic insert I wouldn't mind if it was aluminum to be honest with you as long as it has that nice application of loom but the the thing that I have a issue with is the action you can see it's not quite the this how would you describe it it's not quite the deep sounding reassuring feel of the 42 millimeter bezel action of the ocean one this is a higher pitch almost hollow sounding action and there is quite a bit of play within the bezel so I don't know if that's you know since this is a new release I don't know if that's gonna be across the line or it's just this particular version this one one of the ones that was the very basically the very first one off the press there we go now we're lined up so I can't comment as to if you're gonna you know if you order one are you gonna have the same bezel action as I do we just don't know yet but I will say the bezel action is a little bit disappointing I'd like to see it a little tighter the other thing is you can see it you were already catching some finger prints here just for me doing this video that ceramic is going to catch those and you can see that index markings are a little hard to make out in different lights they almost disappear into that ceramic finish so it's not super legible apart from that though you know apart from the bezel action in the appearance I think it's a very attractive watch it's versatile its hefty I mean you can feel that this is a nice execution I think it's very solid value for money for five hundred dollars you're getting quite a bit of watch considering the bracelet and the movement and the you know the materials of the loom I think it's very compelling for the price point now is it perfect you know no it's not perfect but I think it's a very solid offering and has a lot of positive things about it and I'd say you know not very many negative or drawbacks to it so those are my thoughts on the ocean 139 I personally prefer it to the larger 42 sighs I don't have one here to show you side by side but you know I have tried both at different times and I think that the 39 is a little bit more to my personal liking so I think it's pretty cool I think you should definitely consider it and check it out if you're interested in a nice quality homage around the $500 price point so anyways those are my thoughts on the watch big thanks to Robert thank you so much my friend for sending me this watch letting me spend some time to check it out I really appreciate it and let me know if you guys have any questions I will catch you in the next video Cheers


  1. Alderman Fred C. Davis

    I am/was about 8 seconds from pulling the trigger on this……………..however, the 2 things that are causing me to hesitate are 1) Why TF did Steinhart make the numbers on the bezel so dark? Seems like you will only be able to see them in certain light. 2) Sloppy bezel play on a +$500 watch is inexcusable. A $50 Timex. O.K. However, on a $500 watch that's unacceptable.

  2. Lucky Strike

    Funny thing, everybody talks about bezel….They are right.
    Just received one today. Bezel feels like it's glued. Need 2 hands and some serious manpower to even turn it. It's going back but they included the wrong returnlables….
    How typical. So first need to chase some Fakkin return lable and after that need to return the watch. There goes another week or 2……

  3. Guy Lezius

    I have 4 Steinhart ocean oneโ€™s in the 42mm, I also have 2 Phoibos and 1 Squale, all in a 40mm size, I know itโ€™s only 2mm but on my 7.5 inch wrist the bigger Steinhartโ€™s look so much better, and when I swap back to the 40mm watches and even though I love them, well they just look so small, great review and cheers.

  4. joe kelly

    Its available in uk through chronomasters with 24 hour delivery ๐Ÿ˜€ another big point on the 39mm is the bezel is mirror polished , compared to the 42s matt or satin finish it stands out a lot more

  5. Robert Woods

    Bruce, first let me say or how should I put it. Um um no buddie does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest, no buddie does it half as good as you , Bruce oh Bruce u just a bad ass brighter. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜… Brighter.

  6. HarryUnchained

    if only steinhart designers spent more time on designing the case, would like it to be more curve. it's still look a bit flat on your 7.25" wrist, just imagine how this would look on a 6.5" wrist.

  7. joe kelly

    I hear about loose bezels . I dive regular . The seiko bfk i use a lot has a loode bezel it is years old .. theres a quick lasting fix for that.. a can of spray chain lube quick squirt between bezel and case . Wipe off any access .job done long term .. not oil or wd40 ..BUT CHAIN LUBE … iv done this for 30 years . It works very well . Amazingly well

  8. joe kelly

    My daughters have the seikos , i have ocean 44 ,, ovm ,, and ocean 1 39 on the way ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ they are adictive arent they

  9. B. Von Schnauser

    For $500 USD, I don't know how you can go wrong with this really cool looking diver. Checks quite a few boxes, and an ETA 2824-2 Elaborรฉ to boot. I think you get quite a bit of bang for the buck.

  10. joe kelly

    absolute beauty of a watch .. i spent ยฃ450 on a custom seiko a month earlier … WOOOW big mistake the quality and timekeeping is fantastic ..goodbye seiko .. THIS IS A NO BRAINER WATCH COMPANY

  11. SKT Fan

    I am a fan of homages 40-42mm perfect size to me. The one you have now is perfect and the deep black and the glossy effect it makes my saliva drips.

  12. Gene Martin

    I have the 42mm and love it but my wrist is small and I've been waiting for the 39mm but I don't like the ceramic bezel, it doesn't stand out like the aluminum one does. If they come out with a 39mm and aluminum bezel I will surely got one. Thanks for the review.

  13. 9z4clb

    Just got my Ocean One 39mm and I am delighted with the fit and finish of this timepiece and of course, this is great value that's hard to beat. I fortunately, do not have any issues with the bezel action or "play" on mine, Steinhart may have already addressed this. The ceramic index markings are a bit difficult to read, but no biggie for me.


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