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Step Inside a Secret Garden Oasis in Vegas

– We have some great big
pieces here at the Bellagio. – [Narrator] This is Jerry Bolan. – Here’s our water goddess of
spring in the conservatory. She’s 32 feet tall. – [Narrator] He’s the executive
director of horticulture at the Bellagio. Jerry takes care of Las
Vegas’ secret garden, a serene oasis hidden away
from the hustle and bustle of the strip. – These are my plants, and this is my show. – [Narrator] Jerry doesn’t do it alone. Ed Libby is the creative
genius behind it all. – My name is Ed Libby, and
this is the secret garden of Las Vegas. – [Narrator] Five times a
year, Ed designs a new floral wonderland for the
Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. – My career started kind of by accident. I was a driver in a flower
shop while I was in school for set design, and my
career kind of snowballed after that. – [Narrator] Thirty-four years
later, as creative director, Ed is churning out elaborate
landscaping masterpieces. – I think everything about
the Bellagio is completely unique to Vegas. I mean, it’s completely over the top. This is not something that
people see in real life. As people get closer to it,
we call it the up-close magic, and they realize that the
flowers are made out of other flowers and that
the 14-foot birds are made out of seeds, and the
beautiful water goddess from the sea with a pearl in
her hand is made out of moss. – [Narrator] And once
Ed’s designs are given the green light, Jerry and
his team get to work. – Morning, Travis! – [Narrator] And it’s a lot of work. To bring the floral fantasy to life, the gardens are closed to
the public and a team of 125 transforms the space. – [Jerry] During one show,
we’ll go through about 80,000 flowers. – [Narrator] And the flowers
are just the beginning. There’s also 40-foot props. – Naturally one question
I always get asked: how do we get these big
props in the conservatory in the middle of the hotel? – [Narrator] The larger
installations are brought in pieces no larger
than 10 feet by 10 feet. This is the only way the team can get them through the door. (upbeat music) – We also use a crane. – [Narrator] And it’s more
than just heavy lifting and gardening. – We bring in a feng shui
master for Chinese new years. – [Narrator] All in the name of beauty and cultural accuracy. – I don’t think that anybody
really understands what it is until they come here. It’s really this incredibly
lush oasis in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. – [Narrator] Together,
Ed and Jerry have created a uniquely tranquil place
that could only exist in Vegas. Equal parts glamour and zen.


  1. kodaspaws Author

    subtitle….you'd hardly notice…You know what you need ? Some big ass birds. Not big bird, but some Jurassic Park sized sparrows. You know, to make people feel at ease when they're stoned and drunk…Have you ever seen 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas' ? Ya. Nothing like oversized animals preying from above to set your mind at ease.

  2. WeArePharmers Author

    I was there just a few months ago! The Japanese flower display they had up was beautiful. I always make it a point to stop by the conservatory whenever I visit Vegas.

  3. kai Author

    No, there is no zen there. Their design and concept is the exact opposite of zen. Especially how they have to continually replace the plants and flowers so they look fresh. It's very wasteful and superficial. It's more of an exhibit than a garden.

  4. La Danse Macabre Author

    Looks fake. Oh, I do believe some plants are real, but… I don't know… Maybe use less fake items? I mean, use real lotuses? This already feels wrong, just by watching this video.

  5. Kwon Shieh Author

    This is funny because everything on this channel is interesting and from different parts of the world but I live in Vegas so it's cool how it's on here idk lol

  6. mak hir Author

    A word ZEN seems to be degenerating originally in the US‼︎

  7. Ben2005 Oreca battler Author

    Any story for the arcade game of those ball droppers how it all started
    And as well for Oreca battle is there any story for that

  8. HOLLAHfoDOLLAH Author

    This isn't the best one the Bellagio has showcased. There have been some amazing exhibits. The autumn/winter holidays theme are really awesome.

  9. Tamara Baran Author

    By secret you mean seen by thousands every day as it's in the middle of a hotel/casino/mall and by step inside you mean walk past walls as high as your hips you're not allowed to go over.
    This is an ad.

  10. A Ghost. Author

    Cool I guess. Why does no one who owns this shit actually use it, like if I owned some savagely cool pond I like just lay there in the water getting super fucked up all day n night

  11. Angela Larson Author

    Never seen the garden display but I went to see the Bellagio exhibit around Christmastime and it was pretty cool. Not very nature-y, mostly stuff like Christmas trees, Giant nutcrackers, the usual.

  12. Kye Talks Author

    Hardly the only one like that. There are all kinds of gardens like that all over the world. Many of them much bigger and much more elaborate.

  13. Shane Bowman Author

    This kind of thing just encourages water wastage. Using non-native cut flowers from wetter climates in huge numbers for temporary displays. Guess it fits right in with Vegas vanity.

  14. Nikhil Reddy Author

    God this channel is so awesome!!! God I hope one day I can educate and inspire people like you do on
    my channel haha. Only 25k subs but I'm trying to get there :). You guys are my
    biggest inspiration

  15. Jen Dark Energy 384400 Author

    What a waste! That isn't a garden! Those flowers are DEAD and thrown in the bin daily. No bees, not nature. This is just obscene decadence. And again..wasteful.

  16. David Boucard Author

    Well, you know what they say about horticulture… you can bring a horticulture but you better not bring her to the altar in Vegas!


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