Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production ( Animal Husbandry ) by SB Mam

in today's class we will discuss with the animal breeding ticket animal breeding your objectives may upkeep at last class key and then we discuss kurchuk you chicken he calculate the mass of meat Kazuki OpCo padalka animal breeding he bath curry yeah 30 cassiopeia egg has come the Palomita stop quick pour explain Kurumi after that we will start with the writing section though he were chubby no doubt minguk to get animal breeding kiddo 30k hey yeah Mahalo to the Rika has come it is the inbreeding the helper explained to me after that you will start with the writing section booth Roger Perry gaya animal breeding Candace it is the out breeding chicken usual out breeding Hannah yeah within that he can say hooves are clear caki you Ricky it is the crossbreeding out Ross and interspecific hybridization –kavitha history so the holotype jihad that is the inbreeding nam because in breeding Jana key is make out is calendar ja Matta yoga whoa same breed scare animals cabbage movie ticket inbreeding Kentucky automatic between the animal of the same breed the same breed animals k-beach many other not equal to say 1 volt ahead inbreeding it's missus same breed here animal skin dirge of matting or es mejor que se Mac Lobosco select team give each more theater they Co superior beds or superior female who identify matchup same breeding same building embryo vug mating animals may the same breed cane superior Main and superior female who identify girl keiko might encourage appear ticket job superior male are superior see male he beats me but love its maja egg important key point is can the Rehavia thematic general cheese by inbreeding the same reading can the roti out breeding again the same breed caramel's may be o sakti a different breed animals may be exactly other different species can mask a beach maybe breeding or something yet inbreeding he specifically masquerade to definites about the same breed animals k-beach Miyagi and more closely related individual skin beach Mesaba clothes animals k beach may scan the breeding here karai j'tia inbreeding gentle ticket for next point is the criteria ka selection car to same breed k superior male or superior female KO I didn t fighter Aki undiluted their mating movie figure out that it's same next Jo progeny Jamil ta in progeny may see be vApp assay is progeny to evaluate curriculum S&P superior male a superior female go identify her eyes or scab each member tinker idea as I continue that they charge HR generation per ticket though you die after inbreeding and of superior man in world cavaldi Aki artists may job matting Hoagy inbreeding and the same breeding animals made its name mail be superior milk or superior female k-beach movie liquid these superior male actor terms make this app superior consider out the ring against a superior female consider out cutting it you take general Tom use kiya hai ki cello a coin from they are not lucky inbreeding converging animals can be traumatic over here was same breed Coble on kurta and they are closely related Shalu yeah oh yeah those Raji from a hundred ladies will you criteria selection Capuchin ahead he who same breed make superior Main and superior female who identify her in gap loop so bigger male or superior female who identify charisma on the beach by matting homie fill in superior male or superior female came matting sejo progeny bunny in quito next further generation to he is probably value a turkey it's missing this to be in your mail or superior female for identify querque further on the beach by matting garage Heidi do you Tom home use current that is the superior female and the superior male doctor Channing he can shake he gets to be there female a or year superior male head to Coweta has my superior female other cattle K terms my bath keys I took a turn becomes my superior female whoa yeah 500 best my fellow just could be up translated out career volgy job maximum milk production but love just come milk production sub-sahara / lactation Aniki super female superior female it is in terms of the production of milk pod lactation just a milk production sada hygge OC superior female consider out here jaga yeah here the superior male he bought curry those will pose superior male consider out Kia Riga Jo comparatively to do 3 many candidates have read K 1 K compare may Java batter progeny co-produce curl sake much up discuss small qualities matter whoo-hoo second filter out here ziege superior male is it clear to everybody he in this thing Vicki yes Archie sub interlink that or as I told you that pacification all has action animal husbandry plan domestication took what the parade chapter here no maximum two concepts MRP any article into second her jacket for example he's gay definitely passage of county breeds from October fellow spirits from both aqueduct I land on a pariah take it nomnom Miyagi wax paper races carjacking school at color everybody theory section yeah Berkeley rejoice are Anka superior males who period female go Cassie occurring yeah blue gear so much my gap next thing what detail when I was out there with Matt someone gets a little genetic some new Puri discussed her chickenhead genetics gender parallel action item analogies to permeate ha ticket mostly I'll Chopin have another lecture terminologies Padilla this aqui para a gap or a chopper aku clear go to Mohammed man it done but I think homozygous and heterozygous a Hindu there with you were say Indian commercial act is a road masseuse or you see go to all planted a kata yep you're tall it is homozygous yeah homozygous variety a capital T small T it is he drove agus for the toy plant she get the homozygous amok lebackes so much to me already abundant Johnny takes my dispersed Yemeni upper up quick hint will quickly yo yo I got a genetics Paula care about you will get so many Pollack a baton little which meaning here to the whole ticket like you know I say mulling is analytics para to humor photo-op Katya especially couch for example the Puccini determine logical basic Chiefs butcher you ticket to care inbreeding Johanna yay important appointed Heinrich Haga inbreeding it increased the homozygosity homozygosity Co induced 30 hi increased 30 hair inbreeding let's say egg picked up cavity Abner genetic Spurrier homozygous variety Joe Tehan BR prayed cetera scandal EFP Oregon hey Mark yo this again he truth I guess were idea ticket aapko a dominant factor Allah Allah Pattaya cookie here is satisfactory the small electricity satisfactory go Abby up eh Robbie Harper concepts from aloof admire its Katya application in apples from Gyeonggi he discussed yeah he a capital like this happen Pune detail Tunisia me I got to self revised brush up on a guillotine Allah general heretics Patrick Hayatou Manny Parra to come the slimmest brush of turning I come Kurumi the capital letter upon dominant factor killing you Scarface one like rockin looks addresses a factor Kelly use Curtis a big oppa that up until off dominance for I lost dominance jacket ahead he other he throws Uyghurs head the dominant factor keep results me this is a factor of my character pashwan he got ahead it is clear to I'm a hybrid fighter cows I suppose guru either result a factor and aperture recessive allele hair Monica possibly lethal gene her ticket okay you dominant factor a presence made W he of my character coach unique or para limpiar ITN homozygous the one recessive allele it'll gene pariah with hop ticket the lethal gene holla yeah I would sure I mean you have a I got my look way recessive gene but left way little gene had three upcoming be Mario Lacroix trait at the dominant factor he presents me H is doubly shown your body Nagini alaikum the armor I to make our hitch is over a Katya so inbreeding to have a climb monopoly Volta here homozygosity go increase 30 a the sky cheese yeah it expose the harmful lethal gene yogi he homozygous variety up he yeah Deus which is he a key inbreeding Joe process to her aapke shall attempt so much Braga key homozygosity go in do increase Cartier a silly a inbreeding Joey it expose the harmful lethal gene yeah injured desirable character's head only Co accumulate Kathy hair or Joe undesirable character hair who say in my club otherwise uncoachable thing here release remove Canadian yatta in building gender unlike it meribella close individuals k-beach can the matting hi guys same breed animals make though a girl um Besame pack victim has Kanda inbreeding guy you so much Molly next Thomas cam Durham discuss Curtin and that is the inbreeding depression inbreeding depression count I agree in reading it La Mesa method Chile Aria if inbreeding continue for a long time between the close individuals then what happened yay active productivity or fertility donaga reduce car making irresponsible Huth ahead or say humboldt ahead inbreeding depression it is clear what kind of a TB Kathy cheesecake Herodian the Royal Opera I got in building massacre in breeding cows are the same in breeding job productivity to increase garage ticket lake another gay in breeding what zombies a method continue running between the closely related individuals then what happened yaki productivity or fertility don't know the reduction equally responsible Oda is a from Volta hair inbreeding depression inbreeding depression Jana he the productivity become a fertility week of it this is a problematic thing to his job J problematic Osaka solution chaotic Jovi active reading selected breeding population here justo is he unrelated animal same breed K he unrelated animal it's my closely related animal sky beach my bleeding Oh Thea inbreeding gender same breed ke kisi unrelated animal superior she gave up a superior quality Cayuga superior and related animal case automatic parody G to HR inbreeding depression the problem has yes thought out ho jayega AB managing Tom use here in reading the Prussian scepter for much Miyagi evoke EK k other inbreeding inbreeding my main key point here same a same predicate animals may be traumatic or you can hit the point zero they are making they are closely related to get close individuals give each formatting Otan breeding Kanda yes imagine a gap or inbreeding depression guy is much monkey other inbreeding a Columbus I met continue dry clothes individuals partially a means of clothes individuals Takata woke up we can be productivity or fertility don't open decrease car they Theo Sam bolt a hand building depression observing bleeding the pressure like problematic cheese Hojo Kia this car negatory Cabana bataya his same breed K he lake in closely related ki jagah unrelated animal kisseth is same at Cara DG the inbreeding depression car problems sort out Vijaya absolutely same breeding k unrelated animal Johnny key is it in building or is it out breeding but me the map Co out building out cross five discuss currently of course a much mag out cross my exactly okay its major breeding Athena use same breed animals k Beach making UTA but they are not closely related hoon correlation which under Latino take unrelated but such are such high generation they cannot get a Cohiba common and system name illegal yoga out cross mate so out cross major opera key line people taking signal out cross Joe a rock am reading depression Co sort out curly died the inbreeding depression may I exactly who they e out cross Corrado inbreeding depression either out cross through the out cross guy same key he animal k-beach mop matting car are you licking gorgeous am pretty casual animal hello totally unrelated superior animal key Sato schema tinker area it's my closely related animals cabbage formatting hoodie hi inbreeding gender is it clear to everybody take a inbreeding cha head what is the criteria for the selection what what do you mean by the superior male what do you mean by the superior female homozygous it eco kasi increase kurta hey yes I achieve the manioc cassava being hopper it's not discuss Kia had valium Athena no doubt Korea after I didn't starts with the outbreeding ticket


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    Nothing is taught knowledgeable.. only book words are repeated..y don't you give the examples of same breed and different breed animals.. just a time waste..

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    Complete this topic first then start a new topic .all videos are incomplete giving little knowledge explain it completely plss


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