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Strengthening Capacities of Dairy Farmers from Northern Moldova

We are an NGO that is working for over ten years in supporting local milk, fruits and vegetable producers but also other actors from agriculture and rural development sectors and we aim to contribute to increasing living standards in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova. In some cases the difference is quite big. We can see Moldovan farmers who are at the beginning, having five or six years of experience, without a proper infrastructure for this type of activity. Our farmers have much to learn from farmers from the Visegrad Group member countries. The Czech farmer showed me lot of new things. For example, how to use the electric fence, how we can leave cows alone on the pasture, or the mechanical milking, etc. I really liked the method of stacking hay and straw bales that I saw in the Czech Republic. The proper storage kept them perfectly clean all the time until the spring. That’s why we built similar structure here. The farmers in the Czech Republic collaborate with each other, they help each other with agricultural machines and seeds. In our country such cooperation is very low and that is why we are developing slowly. There are only around five people in the village who want to cooperate. The group of farmers who went to the Czech Republic and participated in a two weeks internship, went there to learn best practices how you manage a farm, starting with farm organization, nutrition, animal feeding, the construction of the stable grazing, animal health, which is very important, and about ways to sell your product or about milk processing. My dream is to build a farm similar to what I have seen in the Czech Republic, where ultra-modern robots are used and where the livestock building is designed specifically for livestock. It is on such farms that production is substantially higher than on farms where all the work is done manually. We want in the future to support agricultural producers by providing knowledge capacity building and financial support in the way that they develop their business and contribute to prosperity of the community in which they live.

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