Subsistence – Animal Husbandry, Chicken Coop + Power Generator Built, Small Base Completed – Ep 3


  1. blablanya

    I love your channel Becky. Please don't pay the hayers any mind to the folks that make comments like that, they are just poor souls who have nothing better to do than troll the internet and tell people how to live their lives>>> I always say if they are bossing me around maybe they are leaving the others alone. They want us to respect what their choices are, but will never respect others. Rather hypocritical. Keep doing what you do hon. You are beautiful, intelligent and truly appreciated. Thank you for your wonderful vids!

  2. Tess Rivera

    The construction of this coop should take several days. The hatches that give access enables a simple routing for tidying up and also maintaining birds and also their eggs.[ Check Details Here=> ] The ladder within the design enables your chickens to easily get into and leave the completed coop.

  3. mark burress

    We humanize nature too much. Everything on this planet dies so something else to live. Do what is necessary to survive…predator and prey. Simple.

  4. NotAGoat

    I really agree about the whole wolf killing thing. I want gamers/game designers to come together and agree to stop putting canine (and feline) enemies in games, except when it's essential for whatever the game is trying to accomplish, or at least make it so you don't have to fight them (like the other day when I was playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, I came across an enemy dog, but there was a door I could close, so I lured it to one side of the door, used a calming spell, went to the other side, and closed the door, so I didn't have to fight it).

  5. Nathan V

    If youre new to this game and watching this video, some of the techniques used in this video are very simple. Especially after several updates have been made since the release of this video.

    Animals left in your inventory, of any kind, will eventually die because you cant keep a rabbit or chicken in your "pocket" or an item box and expect them to live for more than a couple days. In this game, they will die in less than a in-game day. It's recommended to catch animals after you've built an animal pen. Now, with that said, dont start farming animals like so until you have a decent amount of water and vegetables. There is now a spurce of water, a well drill, that you can make to have a steady source of water for yourself and for any animals you grow. Rabbits are well worth raising but chickens dont yield enough resources that they cost to raise in the end. Ots best to just eat the chickens as they come, wild ones. They are actually catchable without utilizing ammunition. There is a chance that a rabbit will still be alive after putting 2 shots into them and thats the best way to catch them for raising. Currently, the max level for animals can be raised to is level 10 and it takes a couple in game days for an animal to reach the next level. So you can only imagine the amount of resources (vegetables/fruits and water) they will consume in a day.

    Its bes to check out the updates by the Dev before you dive into this game if youre really interested in playing it. Its a well made game for having been created by 1 person and the amount of detail and dedication Coldgames has put into this game is just amazing! Its worth every penny it costs via steam. Personally, I cant waot to see what Coldgames has planned for multiplayer. He's working on it now but before he releases anymore information on it, he wants to make sure other, current, aspects of the game are sufficient amd the hunter AI is where he wants it. Balanced.

  6. monkey

    I really hope you keep making these videos I love you playing style, I too am playing this game but failing miserably lol not managed to build a full base yet but I love this game and so will keep trying keep up the good work mate regard to you and yours from england


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