1. Dave Harkin

    Can you please make a beacon so we can at least find our loot when we die.not all player will want this, so make an option in the menu to turn on or off.
    As the game is now, it is too frustrating and annoying to lose all your stuff that you spent ages collecting. a game needs to be enjoyable to play. not just totally punishing the player in to rage quitting the game.

  2. Sven Beets

    When I create the animal house, I can't place it anywhere… The buildingcolour stays red. I can't place it on a rock, I can't place it on even soil or grass. I also don't see the blue "circle" around the base when I try to put the animal house. Could it be because I build my base at the top of a rock surface? With no grass around it?

  3. Claes Petersson

    Even the creator got nervous when he heard the wolf growl 🙂 I will buy this game, dont care if its single player only. You're doing a great job!


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