yo yo yo CPA strength here with my was
15th mukbang 15th straight Saturday with a mukbang we’re going subway the way a
sub should be I’m in my car as you can see I’m in the motherfucking hood well
if you could tell that’s a white trash white trash lady right there so I’m
gonna mow fucking hood that’s the only white people you’re gonna see over here
is the white trash that’s how I know she’s white trash fish she’s up she’s
she’s on foot in the hood people don’t you know so anyways I just say the hood
like the neighborhood like I love this shit like yo yo yo we doing subway on
location not giving a fuck if it gets hot I’ll roll down the window I’ll go
fuck so yeah I got the spicy Italian oh look at this lovely sandwich artist did
me so nice in there I don’t think I’ve gotten anything but the spicy Italian
and so and so long so look you guys holy schnikeys look at that you guys want the
first plate okay mmm mmm mmm there’s blood I don’t know if you can
see me how good the Sun is Rosen come out but I think it’s gonna come out
really good hey so how spicy Italian it’s delicious
ooh she didn’t give me any Mick napkins hey boys looking pretty juicy she didn’t
give me any McNabb console’ just like this it’s that white trash the trust
nobody shirt god I’m just swagging out the Fremont adei huh swagging out the
frame Marlowe oh good I got someone next to me I don’t know who this book they’re probably gonna be looking so
like this has to go in stages here first time in public in the hood we’re parked
right across on a coin laundry H&R Block Little Caesars in the subway what else
do you need think about Little Caesars I was gonna
get Little Caesars when I decided you don’t have him in a subway in a while
oh I’m sorry in a Dunkin Donuts at the end of that not a Starbucks not a Panera
this is my shit here this is where JD feels comfortable
Little Caesars best pizza H&R block the best place you’re gonna get a tax return
done except except at my office what door 954 at you can just
Google me Google Dubois CPA strength you can Google Jonathan Dorn CPA you can
google JT blaze 954 this sand would just smack him oh so tell me what you get in
the comments below tell me what sandwiches you get when you go to Subway so I was gonna spicy Italian but Emily
that’s just salami salami and pepperoni I love the combo so then one wheat bread
for help I always always always take my glasses off let’s relax a little bit you
know I’m saying shit my best qualities my eyes some eyes let you see them you
know I’m saying why hide what I got counterbalance the craziness from my
brain so the wheat bread I changed up the bread but always twice the Italian
sandwich which is a pepperoni and salami then I always get provolone cheese when I get different sandwiches a
different places just Subway’s spicy Italian and mmm there’s always such a
good sandwich well then I got some olives and sweet sweet peppers mmm oh my
god well that was good all up here you guys right mmm mmm but then I usually
get let go well well then I got these sweet and red peppers mmm so then I
always get after the cheese mayonnaise lots of mayonnaise extra mayonnaise a
disgustingly large amount of mayonnaise cuz I love the mayonnaise then last
trade of onions always then then I’ll kind of varied up depending on how I’m
feeling if I’m feeling saucy or spicy or whatever but today it was some olives
and those sweet and sour peppers so here you guys want the first part of the
second half it’s good mmm mmm it’s a wet sandwich um the wet sandwich huh mmm so now I’m
with extra mayonnaise after all the fixin’s lettuce tomato
onion and then I get um what do I get – Oh always
I drink your salt and pepper and I’ll tell you like I don’t know people say I
like people know that I’ve fought drug addiction and I don’t know like I’ve
definitely along with the drug addiction can massive depression massive anxiety um I think I started doing massive drugs
because I was depressed I’m just looking for some to not feel so depressed not
why kill myself all the time but uh well I want to tell you that I am also
depressed – oh because I’ll be embarrassed when I was younger like 12
or 13 like I’d be embarrassed cuz I thought it was weird to get mayonnaise
and oil and vinegar because that’s like two liquids and like I didn’t know
anybody else did that so I thought it was totally weird and I wouldn’t do what
sometimes or like when I would be in line I would be thinking about it like
all I mean this person is gonna think I’m so freaking weird but I’m like oh I
really want it though and then sometimes I chicken out sometimes I do it and then
I’d get my ID have the best sandwich mmm so I have some I have some for you guys
it’s my slowly that’s my swoll mate that’s my gym
partner he’s held in high regard out shares the Popo I wouldn’t doubt if they
fucking light me up right now what the fuck you doing dog it wouldn’t be the
last time I thought it wouldn’t be the first time but any means I’ve had to
talk to police and sometimes they make me and hit me in the back of the head
with night sticks one that well that specific time I was so high on meth it
just made me mad so mmm not very fun night Oh anyways mice wooly was telling me yesterday he
went to a he went to a funeral and I’m not gonna make any jokes about it or
anything like that and I I knew I I didn’t know this person but we work out
all the time and I know but she was she knew she had a I think cancer or
something and so she kind of knew that she was going and I know they like went
to I don’t know they they all went on to get her her close friends went on a trip
this summer like a last hurrah kind of thing and I just have nothing bad to say
about her except you know I feel for should have husbands and kids and I feel
bad bad for the family you know this woman who passed was like my age forty
eight forty and he asked me said she went to her funeral yesterday and he
said how many people do you think would show up at your funeral
you know I thought about it and I at first I wanted to say no no one cares
about me but that’s just like my defense so I thought I just said thirty like
that would be like I think like probably like maybe twenty thirty or something
and he goes wow that’s a lie I thought you would say less than that
oh shit Popo but he’s like I don’t think anybody chope too much and I’m like you
know we’re just we try to be better but um so he said he thought there was a thousand
people at her funeral he says I’m he says that cuz I was
counting cuz he was there for like six hours or something so maybe that’s a
maybe that’s a exaggeration I don’t know because I’ve been to I’ve been to two
funerals I guess that I’ve deemed worthy enough of my my time or that I wanted to
and I greatly regret that one of those two funerals was not my grandfather
crusher from Texas I greatly wish I would have been there for that the paid
mark to pay my respects and just to tell everybody what he meant to me I am that
sandwich was delicious this might be my favorite mukbang yeah I’m looking pretty
juicy right so anyways I went to my uncle Tommy joke Watchers funeral where
I was a pallbearer great honor and I also went to my friend who I saw get
shot in the neck his funeral I’ll reveal his name by 100,000 subscribers I’m
gonna have a hundred thousand subscribers and Rev loses name for the
first time ever I’ve used to do rap music now I’ve done YouTube 230 of
videos I’ve never mentioned his name but when I get to 100,000 it’s for him and
I’ll mention his name but I’ve been to his funeral as well both funeral
hundreds and hundreds of people hundreds and hundreds of people and people tell
stories and they tell stories of how these people made them feel I also
listen to a power cast 12 marvels power cast I have three I have three cookies
you know sharboneau 180 life you know I’m the Cookie Monster I got three
different ones I don’t even know which ones they are
Fat Boy mmm bomb so would it be a testament I ma’am
its how many people are gonna show up to your funeral you know how many we bought
in trouble do funeral that’s right so I told my slowly after a while today I
said you know I said I thought there’d be about 30 people show up at my funeral
today listen I got a lot more living to do I
got a lot more things to do in my life I’m really just getting started and I
hope that I can touch a lot more people in that and I hope that number can just
you know I hope I can have a couple hundred thousand or a thousand people I
hope I can touch enough people more than thirty maybe a hundred two and three
hundred but uh so I think I almost figured out like
what more my goals is for my life wait do I make people feel good if they’re
gonna come to your funeral right like like you’re dead now so we’re less like
during the will and they’re waiting for the money besides that though besides
anybody in the will like they’re gonna be there because they’re like oh finally
this motherfucker died but I mean anybody someone else like why why would
they go to the funeral if they’re not getting the wolf they’re not getting any
money out of it because we’re living a very busy time these days and then take
time out of your life go to a funeral when you’re not in the world not for
monetary game I would assume you go because of the way the person made you
feel and it was not bad cuz you’re not gonna badmouth the person but anyways
this is about to end so so how many people will go to your funeral when you
pass think about that that first heard that from work about power cast this is
CPA strength this is like my fifteenth mukbang I have a whole series of MOOC
bonds I do MOOC bonds every single Saturday morning 8 a.m. looking at 3 cookie I was like raspberry
macadamia nuts and something else where am i still next Saturday deuces


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    Sir I am searching for accounts and finance process sir can u plz upload videos relating to all accounts and finance interview questions and answers plz sir

  2. Agnieszka Twardosz Author

    I heard bad things about meat quality at subway and I've only been getting the veggie options at that place since then, can't get the meat descriptions by the kitchen workers out of my head lol


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