1. David Gates

    Try green tea take human pee and green leaves and pack the green leaves in a 5 gallon bucket till 3/4 full add pee then in a day or so add more pee till full put in the sun wait for two weeks you'll have 100% nitrogen. Take 1/2 cup and 1 gallon of filtered water and put in 1/8 tsp sea salt and 1 cup milk

  2. David Gates

    Learn the three sisters system for your plants and use a drip irrigation system basically corn is a stock and beans give nitrogen and they will shade cabbage.try that the beans grow on the corn.

  3. SK

    Can you please give your Contact Number. I too was in NY, NJ, AZ, TX & GA – a Software Engineer. Now work from India. Have a big roof. Very fond of Greenery and fresh veges. I would like to learn this and Teach others to utilize their roofs. Great work, appreciate your effort !

  4. Rhea Joseph

    Just a random doubt. Why to use RO /Filtered water? Its drained of all minerals and vitamins which is required by the plants.The system used here encourages the faster growth and actually should provide more of nutrition water which is actually lacking because of the absence of soil. Hydroponics !!!

  5. rabatha 273

    HydroPhonic Vegetables R Produced with the Chemicals of Fertilizers….These Veges. R No good for good health…Food Presertives and Chemical from Fertilizer the main Cause of Chronic Sickness in Humens…

  6. rbhavnagri

    Excellent video. This is what is needed to produce healthy crop with minimum resources. Wish you the best. May be some day I get an opportunity to visit the farm

  7. jaspreet singh Dhanoa

    satsri akkal veer ji im also from mohali dist. kharar ( pind gharuan ) i want to start same , can you please give your valuable time to help to guide me same , presently im living delhi , my whatsup no is. 9811399358,i all ready start a small poltry project in my pind , can we meet , when you have spare time pls we can meet . thanks regards jaspreet singh dhanoa


    BHAI JI VERY GOOD VIDEO… nutritian, clay balls, and cocopit kahan se kharede, or npk ko kitne pani me kitna milana hai… please tell.. thanks in advance


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