Suicide Forest in Japan (Full Documentary)



  1. omar umpara Author

    Omg common sense logan paul just scaring the people who's gonna suicide so they don't do it

    But if he is filming a body of a man or girl that's so out of line

    Btw common sense kids

  2. Jay Joslin Author

    Just remember suicide is not the answer there always something to live for and someone to talk to and listen to you, there’s always people that you can talk to, like even a suicide prevention phone line that are open 24/7, r.i.p to all the victims of the forest and my deepest condolences for the victims family, and I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in heaven and hell, but I believe they will live on forever in the memories of everyone who knew the victims of the forest

  3. kokoro泣く Author

    If you guys don’t know why they die in a forest, people in japan wants to go in the forest so they can be surrounded by nature and seeing it the last time. People sometimes can be stressed from something or problems. They just don’t want to die. They want it stopped.

  4. RM K Author

    SUICIDE: From frying pan to fire (from earthly temporary short sufferings, to eternal hell).

    Life is gift, not to be rejected. Life is a privilege. Only one life. Live. Help available. Life is worth more than the value of world. What profits a man, if he gains whole world, but loses his soul.

    Nothing disqualifies anyone from the love of God.

    Finding God helps find meaning, purpose, hope, acceptance, love, eternity, human value, human dignity, equality, God-given talents, family values, health, rest, peace, joy, compassion. Finding God prevents suicides.

    Sin is pre-existing in all. Sin pre-dates The Bible. The Bible explains origins of sin. The Bible provides remedy for pre-existing sin, through Jesus Christ death and resurrection. The Bible is best selling book in the world for this reason.

    Satan is the enemy, came to steal, kill and destroy. Subtly misleads us to blame good loving God. God is not the author of evil.

    Penalty of sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross.

    We are saved by God's Grace, not by our works.

    Heaven is holy, sin cannot enter. Jesus Christ made entry to heaven easy and free. No more pain, no more deformities, no more deficiencies, no more death.

    Unable to find any motive for Jesus Christ to die on The Cross and resurrect – except His love to save us from pre-existing sin, and hell. For free.

    Jesus Christ suffered, ridiculed, spat-on, humiliated, crucified on The Cross, and therefore He understands our pain. He raised victorious, we will too. Those who endure till end are victorious.

    There are solutions to problems.

    Consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

    It is a lie to say that we are not loved. God loves us unconditionally. He died willingly on The Cross and resurrected, to save us from pre-existing sin and hell.

    The God who died for us, is for us. Not against us.

    Following God's morals have health, psychological and economic benefits, to individuals, families and nations. Provide equilibrium. Following rules helps.

    Believe, repent of sins in Jesus Christ and be saved. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    There is more to life.

    Never found a sentence that is comforting on a death-bed – anywhere else.

    (My journey to life. After testing every 'ism', after swallowing pride and egos.)

  5. Kate Barry Author

    This is digusting logan paul this place became so popular after you posted a video about people comitting suicide and sorry doesn't change anything you should be so ashamed

  6. Dolly 'HulaDoll' Reynolds-Dolce Author

    I searched this out of morbid fascination, but now am incredibly sad. I can't imagine the dread of being in that place. God bless this man, he seems so compassionate and caring.

  7. calcetín rosa Author

    For everyone who needs this: maybe you don't have anyone who you can lean on, maybe your chest hurts with the void, and maybe it won't get filled as time passes. But there is someone out there, you may or may not know them yet, but they will care for you and will cry your loss even if you feel like no one will. There is always someone caring for you even if you don't feek like it. You matter.

  8. danish ahmad Author

    Every govt.of every country make this type of forest or something and make country proud, i appreciate japan for their endeavoured and dedication for this forest to make a suicidal point and give ample of time for suicider to take on time in peace ,this is a progressive thinking wheather no any govt.think about this,

  9. Ēmilliø Rûlêz Author

    I'm really disappointed in the people who's blaming Logan Paul for letting this forest spread around the world. He was just doing an interesting video about this place. He thought it would turn out great. Which is what i thought too. And when he founded out the body.He wouldn't have the mind to turn his camera off. Of course put your self as him seeing an dead young man. You would be shocked of course.will you have the strength to put you camera down? You would be shaking and you blame "him" For not putting the camera down. He wasn't even searching for bodies. He just wanted to check out and you guys blame him for finding a dead body? Is that necessary to you? Why would a innocent vlogger would want to find a dead body just for veiws. You guys know it will harm his channel and himself.
    He's not gonna walk out like an normal person. He has emotions to he was offended too just like you guys did and you guys blame him? What does that suppose to mean? Is it appreciating to hate on an Innocent vlogger who just found a dead body. It will bring him down more and more. If it had gone too far.He would be hanging down a tree in that forest that "you guys" Was offended seeing it.
    He apologized more than his age and you guys still hate? What does he suppose to do when the only thing you can do is apologize.
    He can't make you guys unsee it or to himself. I know it is hard seei g an dead body from the channel yiu like but it wasn't his fault.

  10. It’s Britney Author

    My point here is, this video everyone finds it so humbling and peaceful however he is still showing suicide victims on camera. Whereas Logan got ripped for the same act just because his personality is different in the way he acts.

  11. Marke Tello Author

    Hindi nman suicide ang sagot sa problema kundi prayer walang impossible sa Dios…
    mga stupid lang ang mga taong nag papakamatay dyan .Sana patawarin kayo ng panginoon..

  12. Midori Chuuu Author

    In the video, he states that to this day he still couldn't understand why someone would want to kill themselves in such a beautiful forest. I would like to say that as a suicide survivor, the place I chose to "die" was also in a forest. It was absolutely beautiful, and I just kept thinking that in my state of extreme loneliness and brokenness that I was at least comforted in death by the beauty that surrounded me. I cant explain to any of you why I thought that. I am glad that my attempt to die failed, and I am glad that I am alive five years later and getting the help I had needed. This place IS absolutely beautiful, and I'm so sad that suicide has been on such an extreme rise, and I hope and pray that it will lessen in time. Rest in Peace to those that have passed in this forest.

  13. Louise Almoradie Author

    Thank you for blurring the images… that’s called “respect for the dead”. The idea is that it’s there and it’s really happening. Everything we have watched is real and we dont have to see it. At least we know and we are aware. Let us hug someone today and check on our families and friends, they might be suffering from depression. I know the feeling…

  14. PlayFoolHearts 03 Author

    "I think the way we live in society these days has become more complicated." It's said in the year 2012. It's 2019 now, and the society that we're living was more complicated.

  15. Beverly Beneo Author

    It's sad to know that people still killed themselves. Life is the most precious gift that God has given us we must cherished it. Because we humans are short lived with only flesh and bones we must ponder for the boon we have and that is life itself.

  16. богатырь Алексе́й Author

    This is the product of a shitty society and Satan. We as human are so divided from our natural happiness in these urban shitholes that we become so depressed and end up killing ourselves. It's horrible. If you ever feel depressed or unhappy with life. Get some buddies or go by yourself to a remote and beautiful location and do some camping far away from civilisation. Drink from the creeks and live off the land. Not saying to become feral, just live connected to nature and God. It's worked miracles, trust me. God bless.

  17. M.T.P Author

    This came out 7 years ago when I was 13. Each time I had made the decision to kill myself, I simply couldn’t do it. Even now, when everything seems hopeless, I still don’t do it. It isn’t because I’m not in enough pain. I just always end up remembering this man‘s words and the effect my death would have on my loved ones. Sometimes…rather than to die for others…we have to live for them. Now when I look back at those times of pure bitterness, I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for this man and others who talked about the aftermath of
    suicide. I‘m glad I kept and still keep going.
    To those who are considering suicide: The present may seem hopeless but that doesn’t mean the future will be too. The path you’ll end up on is up to you. YOU have the power to choose how you‘ll live your life. Please remember that.

    Rest in peace to all those who chose death.

  18. Aiko Lia Author

    Just dont force people to live when they dont want to. Many hypocrites in the comments are preaching about living and saying it's okay to not be okay and know damn well everyone's life isn't all rainbows. Not everyone is living a manageable life. Fuck off

  19. Azrul Leo Messi Author

    In 2019, this video is still haunting.. For those who understand the fact that we are not the only ones living in this world, Aokigahara is the answer.. Don't look for something, if it doesn't want to be found..


  20. RANGER GFX Author

    Yeah, Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh
    You decide, if you're ever gonna let me know, yeah
    Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh
    I'm sad I know, yeah, I'm sad I know, yeah

  21. Sascha HAT Author

    If anybody ever feels like they can't handle life and it's getting pointless talk to me. Trust me there's a brighter day and it's worth living for that day

  22. Kyn Author

    I felt like I was walking with him around in first person and listening to him. I am not sure I want to really go to that extreme anymore. I never liked going to the therapist because all they do is tel me scientific bullshit and common sense. However, this man is not someone I can never ever disrespect even in death. This man is a walking Buddha man..

  23. Toxic Spleen Author

    A forest with over 100 suicides and you still don't recognise the problem. It's not them. I'm never putting kids in this shitty world of lies and pettiness and needless violence .

  24. Angel Lady Author

    They made a horror movie about this forest about a chick and her twin sister. I guess some people want to die in a peaceful place so they go there. EVERYBODY is going to die one day anyways so if people want to die I dont see an issue with it.


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