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Super Plant Jolt dianthus gives long-lasting beauty

It’s finally fall here in Louisiana, and
it’s time to get those cool season bedding plants out in your landscape. The
LSU AgCenter has announced its fall Louisiana Super Plant for 2019, and it’s
Jolt dianthus. We have here a cherry- colored Jolt dianthus and a pink dianthus,
and it just so happens to be mixed in with our amazon dianthus that was
selected as a Louisiana Super Plant in 2010. These are both great as cool season
bedding plants. Put them in now. Put them in October they will bloom all throughout
October, and if we don’t have too hard of a winter– like most Louisiana winters–
this will last through winter into the spring and even carry over into the
summertime– May, June before it Peters out. The Jolt series is thought to be more
heat tolerant. It doesn’t have a lot of pests or disease and does great as a
container plant or will do well in your landscape as a mounding-type plant.
Just a great, great addition to your fall landscape. These will do well as boarder
plants and they’re great as cut flowers these don’t require a lot of dead-heading,
but if you want to promote more flowers, go ahead and pinch back faded flowers.
Get you some Jolt dianthus for your cool season bedding plants. For Get it
Growing this is Heather Kirk-Ballard with the LSU AgCenter.

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