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Super Plant Lime Sizzler firebush can take the heat

The LSU AgCenter has released another
one of its 2019 Louisiana Super Plant selections.
This is also a Certified Louisiana product. This year we’re featuring the
Lime Sizzler fire Bush. This is a tropical perennial that just loves the
summer heat. It has beautiful chartreuse yellow and lime-green
variegated foliage. It also has some red and orange
veining and stems and when this is flowering in the summertime, it has tubular, beautiful, profuse flowers that hummingbirds and butterflies just flock
to for the nectar. It is very drought tolerant and very heat
resistant. Once it’s established, it can handle the humidity. It’s very disease
resistant, very insect resistant. Just a typical Louisiana Super Plant. This can
be pruned if you want to keep the shape. It stays about four to five feet in
height and four to five feet wide and it will die back in the winter time. But it
is root hardy here in Louisiana. Again, if you want to add some heat to your garden
this summer, add a Lime Sizzler fire Bush and you’ll get some beautiful, wow-
popping color. For Get it Growing this is Heather Kirk-Ballard with the LSU Ag


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