Superior Aquaculture

you the average Michigan farmer has a profit of only $33,000 a year 70% of these farms are less than 100 acres so planning more acreage to increase revenue is not an option many farmers are looking for alternatives I'm always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase my revenue owning and operating a small farm I could use options to diversify worldwide aquaculture is a booming industry with 50% of the world's seafood demand being met by aquaculture however in the u.s. 85% of the seafood on the market is imported aquaculture accounts for a nine point 1 billion dollar US trade deficit third only to imports of oil and natural gas we're creating an income opportunity for farmers and rural land owners in economically depressed areas by introducing small-scale recirculating aquaculture systems that can be housed in a barn or outbuilding on the property our proposal adapts the market tested vertically integrated farm system model where many small-scale contract growers reduce the overall risk for the venture this business model is successfully used for poultry pork and beef we're taking advantage of Lake Superior State University's aquatic Research Laboratory northern Michigan's leader in fisheries research as well as their engineering prototype development center and business departments to design and continually improve our systems and production methods we are addressing the serious shortcomings associated with conventional aquaculture because our recirculation system is a closed loop we will avoid polluting nearby waterways with effluent and we'll also be able to recoup these nutrients as fertilizer for additional revenue or for hydroponics heating water in northern climates takes energy so we're incorporating renewable energy solutions such as a concentrated solar wind and geothermal technologies to reduce operating costs commercial fish food is basically ground-up fish a practice that is depleting ocean fish stocks we will incorporate fish food that reduces the use of wild fish while maintaining essential lipids and nutrients in the diets of our fish locally grown fish will greatly reduce the energy cost of transporting fish from centralized or overseas aquaculture facilities by 2025 world food production will have to feed a billion people future demands for protein require the high food to flesh conversion found in aquaculture we are investigating why rainbow trout and arctic char for use in our systems these species have efficient food conversion fast growth rates and cultural significance in northern Michigan seafood market the goal of superior aquaculture systems is to decentralize and improve commercial aquaculture by creating small localized fish farms that utilize clean energy sustainable methods and local companionship superior aquaculture systems is committed to a sustainable future in aquaculture superior aquaculture systems teaching farmers to fish


  1. John Blackburn

    If they use fish from the ocean to grind up into fish food and then we feed that to our aquaponic fish? that could do some damage considering the 350 – 400 tons of nuclear waste being spilled into the ocean everyday.

  2. Nguyen Ngoc

    Hello Sir,

    We're deploying our product at a lot of shirmp farming in VN. ( vannamei pawn and tiger pawn also)
    Our technology base on USA technology. We have more than 40 years experience with agriculture.
    All product made in VN that make cheaper price for Asia.

    Our advantage technology:
    – Treatment water, soften water without metal like Ca, Mg, Fe….
    – Killed Multicellular algae, prohited evolution of them. Keep color of water stablely.
    – Provide oxygen dissolved fully of pond ( three level of water )
    – Tranform waste of pond such as shrimp shells, dead algae, leftovers, shrimp faeces … into non-toxic inorganic.
    – Easy setup and processing
    – Saving electric and management cost for farmer.

    If your want to know more about product pls contact us or refer below link (vietnamese version).

    Peter Nguyen (Mr Ngoc) | Director

    VTL Electrical Technology Company Limited
    Add: 29/13 B3 Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist, HCMC, VN
    Tel: (+84)28 3816 2166 – Fax: (+84)28 3816 2165
    Web: | Email: [email protected]
    HP: (+84)917 297 296 – (+84)934 08 2009 | Skype: nguyenngoc8991

  3. Armstrong Chungke

    He Sir thanks for this infor am about to go home and start my own fish business but I have no experience and my land is small cuz of this i want to start with plastic tank pond so I just need some tips how to go about the size of plastic tanks and with how many fish to start with thanks

  4. ryan ford

    Un real . This is how you guys pitch this stuff.
    Text book outline man no frills . I want to see substantive production results. Any bunch of idiots can purpose and speculate! Keep me posted!

  5. Shane Kirby

    not as effective as vertical aquaculture where the soil is used to filter the water and the fish waste is used to fertilize the soil.  Even a small system can feed a family


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