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This is Sarah, she is a farmer and like her over 20 million Europeans work in the agricultural and livestock sector. In the past ten years, more than one out of four agricultural jobs disappeared as farmers face many environmental, social, institutional and economic challenges. On the one hand unusual weather patterns and extreme weather events fostered by climate change jeopardize harvests every year. Additionally, our fast evolving
society with its increasing urbanization and changing demographics compromises
the availability of skilled labor. And last, but not least, the conflicting
policy objectives, the volatile prices, and the increasing international
competition that the farmers face, pose a threat not only to their income and well-being but also to the long-term supply of food, the conservation of
natural resources, and the delivery of ecosystem services for the rest of the population. Farmers need the support of up-to-date European policies
and private initiatives to overcome these challenges and to be able to adapt to the changing conditions, but this requires comprehensive research to accurately
assess the complexity of this sector. It is precisely in this context that our
project SURE-Farm comes into play. Funded by the European Commission, SURE-Farm brings together 16 European Universities and research institutes to
study how to improve farm resilience across Europe. From vegetables and crops,
to eggs, dairy or livestock farming, our 11 case studies will enable us to comprehend and assess the diversity of European
agriculture and its main challenges. Working in close collaboration with the farmers and other
key stakeholders like suppliers, distributors or financial institutions, we will gain insights about about their main risks and key challenges and co-create improved risk management strategies. We will also develop new
tools to assess the changes in farm demographics and the capacity of the Common Agricultural Policy
to enhance the resilience of European farming systems. Finally, we will design a pathway to implement a resilience enhancing environment. Altogether, our efforts aim at unfolding farmers’ risk exposure, supporting the decision-making of European legislators, and guarantee the resilience of European agriculture. SURE-Farm towards the resilience of European farming systems.

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