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SYCS: Sunbeam enclosure set-up (starring Apollo)

Hi All, this is Papaya from Papaya Pythons and we’re going to talk about our sunbeam snake so first thing’s first, we’re going to need a nice, clean tub We have our little male in about a 5-6 quart Then we add dry bedding into that, so we have sphagnum moss and coconut .. sort of shavings um, coconut bark is what some people call it, but it is really fine. You can see that is sitting in water. so the substrate is dry and we let it sit in the water and it’s a little cool but that’s okay. because we’re patient. This is the cage he’s in right now, the one that we want to take him out of and you can see that the cool side is is about 82. So after about 8 hours or overnight we measure the temperature of the new cage again and this time we’re right about 80F, which is great because we have belly heat and so we don’t want it to be too hot on top or else it will be way too hot on the bottom which is where Apollo will spend most of his time


  1. Aspen Hunt Author

    If you guys make a successful breading program I will totally get a snake from you, I love sunbeams and I currently have a large, healthy captive born girl named Andromeda and she’s the best. Oddly enough she seems to enjoy being handled occasionally, not sure what’s up with that, but I guess sunbeams aren’t always shy – even so though, we do give her her space

  2. RoxyMeraki Author

    Do you think a bioactive enclosure would be good for these guys? Also, how did you quarantine yours? I want to put mine on something where I can easily see its stool because I want to take him to the vet to check for parasites. He's in reptisoil and sphagnum moss right now. I got him a couple says ago and I want to change the substrate to something else. But right now I'm letting him settle so avoid stress.


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