T-shirt Fabric 101: What's the diff between Triblend, CVC & more!


  1. Kepa Bengoa

    Hi, thanks for all the great info! My question is in regards to "sueded" in relation to tshirt material, I never have been able to figure out what that means. Thanks!

  2. Mohammad Omar

    I love your tee shirts i just can't justify the cost against gildan heavy at whole sale price's here in the uk (iam new to this, just starting off ) but maybe in time as i grow i hope to stock your apparel.

  3. Kyle Cardenas

    Hello, great video, as a beginner I’m still a little confused but you broke it down easily for me. Do you recommend a specific fabric for graphic art and embroidery?

  4. Annette Thompson

    This was an incredibly helpful video! Thanks for taking the time to make it. Which of your fabrics are best for hot weather? I saw you recommended a blend for athletic use but I thought polyester didn’t breath as much as cotton. Thanks!

  5. Cut Cut

    What is the difference between the CVC and Poly/Cotton Tees you offer? A far as I can tell, it's the cut – CVC is more fitted? Thanks!

  6. Tanya Jones

    What fabric is good for heat transfer vinyl? And sizing seems to require to go up a size. Any style where no sizing up is needed? Love Bella Canvas

  7. Wisewarna Nazara

    I am blind about the high fashion tee brand.
    Which one is the most common types of T shirt used by those branded T shirt.
    Did they just put their logo or name on the T shirt? Or the Tee itself has certain quality in it?

  8. Solutions Asia

    Please change the room location, terrible sound quality, echoes etc and when you're talking so fast ….. this is a 101 meaning we don't know and want to learn. I'd rather you slow it right down and make a pt1 & pt2, at least I can hear, understand and follow you. Please reshoot the video, please 🙂 (and any others I've yet to watch you made in this echo chamber) – otherwise, great job, great topic for educating us all.

  9. Kris.K

    Hi i was thinking of using printful and shopify,I live in Australia would this be the best way for me to use POD or would recommend another way to use ur brand over here?

  10. Rocket Skyvolta

    3001 is soft but too thin, doesn't hold ink well. Anvil 980 just as soft, but smoother surface. Lines of line art are crisper in print.

  11. thisisme the wife

    Thank you so much. We are just starting out and I love Bella + Canvas. This is really going to help me learn more about your B+C fabs.

  12. Richard Thompson

    Thanks for the review. I was contemplating which one to go with in my new clothing line. Tultex or Bella + Canvas. The pricing is a little more but the quality is much better. 3001 Seems to be my pick now.

  13. Peggy Perry

    I got a sample teeshirt for my online shop. I hadn't noticed the size guidelines until I tried it on. I was astonished to discover the 2X I ordered was smaller than a large from other manufacturers. How do you determine what sizes you manufacture, and why are they so different from other manufacturers? The material and colors are great, but I hate having to tell my customers they have to measure themselves to figure out if they can actually wear your goods.

  14. Renee Willoughby

    I was wondering if you were going to bring back your organics or look into using eco-friendly fabrics? I love your styles but I'm transitioning my products to be organic or made of bamboo, hemp, etc. Thank you! 🙂

  15. Karin Medart

    Love this! I'm relatively new to the industry and this is good info! How can I get a color swatch guide like in the beginning of the video?


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