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Tabula Rasa PoE Farming Guide – How to Get Tabula Rasa PoE [FAST]

Path of Exile Tabula Rasa Farming Guide
Tabula Rasa is a 6 linked unique armor, and very good for leveling. 6 linked means excellent for skill gems and
support gems. 6 white sockets accept any color gems. Meanwhile, no level requirement and especially
for a beginner. How to Get Tabula Rasa in Path of Exile? I recommend obtain it by farming Tabula Rasa
divination card. A set of 9 Humility can exchange for 1 Tabula
Rasa. You can farm Humility in The Aqueduct of Act
4. Act 9, The Blood Aqueduct drop Humility as
well. A set of 4 The Body can exchange for one random
unique body armor. A set of 4 Jack in the Box can exchange for
one random unique item. A set of 8 Arrogance of the Vaal can exchange
for one random corrupted unique item. Cleanser of Sins is a Prophecy. After having killed Undying Evangelist, the
prophecy will reward to drop a Tabula Rasa. Currently, there is no recipe for Tabula Rasa. Unless using Prophecy, you cannot farm Tabula
Rasa by slain monsters. However, you can exchange currency items to
Tabula Rasa. Trade 35 Chaos Orbs for 1 Tabula Rasa with
other players. You can purchase Tabula Rasa from below with
coupon code as well. Thank you for subscribing to my channel.


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