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Take Back The Bathroom With The MANSCAPED Crop Cleanser

Ahh… there’s nothing like lathering up with your girls body wash.Ooohhh, Sexy Beaches, Unicorn Sparkles, Pretty Girl Swagger.Sounds sassy!It’s time you put your big boy pants on and shower like a real man,with Manscaped Crop Cleanser.Specially formulated for the smelliest parts of the male anatomy.Your butt, balls and body. Even your gooch.What’s a gooch? Google it, I double dog dare you.The Crop Cleanser’s active pH control reinvigorates you with a fresh,you with a fresh, clean scent of 100%’s the scent you lost when you allowed organic soy candles in the bathroom.Ohh…is that a sparkly man satchel? Alvederzane!Potpourri? Mmmm… smells like my Great Nana Gladus.That a boy, now you got the hang of itHead over to and get yourself some MANSCAPED Crop Cleanser,they even have replenishment plans where they’ll ship you a fresh bottleevery time your balls start to get stinky.*sniff sniff* Mmmm… Nice.Manscaped, We Save Balls.


  1. jarjarfun guy Author

    I love what you're doing and the plow 2.0 is just as good, if not better than the original plow. But dudes we are going to need a case, a shave soap or cream, and a shave brush to lather up with. If you wanna do manscaping you gotta pamper in the manly way. P.s. Thanks for all of the great manscaping thus far.


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