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Team Rohan Marley – BAM FX – Introduction

I’m Rohan Marley. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. I started out as
an entrepreneur in Jamaica when I bought a piece of land in a place called
Portland and I started think to myself you know what is it that I can
contribute how can I be of benefit to these people that don’t know me from
Adam. My first question to the community was you know what is the community known
for it and they said coffee. So I asked them you know what was on the property
that I’m gonna purchase and they told me coffee so then I extended my hand and
said you know what we’re in the coffee business. Well the first thing was
Rastafari you know is the same thing as organic you know we live a certain way
eat a certain way and if this is gonna be my business my property needs
to operate the way I operate as a human being. First thing you can’t use any
chemicals on my land you know. So at that time that was new to Jamaica the
community they are like Mr. Rohan you’re crazy what are you doing? You won’t get the yield and you’re looking for you’re gonna waste your money. I said
all right listen to this if I’m gonna be involved with you so the first thing to
me was like alright that’s it I’m going rogue and I’m gonna be the first guy to
really build an organic movement out of Jamaica and that brought me to BAM
FX Match made in heaven you know BAM FX has actually created for NASA to grow plants in harsh conditions in
order to feed the astronauts in space in orbit.
Valon increases the rate absorption for nutrition plans BAM is a solution for a
lot of agricultural issues bomb can be combined with other products to make
them better Batman’s the key to powerful plants if
you test bime effects against anything out there
I can promise you you’re gonna see the results in a week or two you know I mean
because it’s just that good I’m here to introduce myself as an
ambassador for balanced X because BAM effect is a solution to some of my
biggest problems I want a better life system for my plants I want nourish the
community I want to give them something greater you know I want to produce
greater yielding as a farmer you know but greater yield in a way
in fact the people handling the product bomb is powerful to oil plants so I
suggest that everyone learn more about bamm-bamm effects you

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