1. Ravi Ratan

    फसल सलाह" – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weathersys.agro&hl=en
    किसानो का सच्चा साथी, पाइये फसलों के बारे में सटीक जानकारी, अपने क्षेत्र के मौसम का हाल अगले 6 दिन का, विभिन्न खेती बाड़ी की वस्तुओ के क्रेता-विक्रेता की जानकारी, कृषि समाचार, नयी कृषि पद्दति एवं बहुत कुछ. हमें आपका सहयोग करने में सहयोग दे !! हमसे जुड़े और और अधिक से अधिक लोगो को जोड़े..डाउनलोड करे फसल सलाह अप्प.. गूगल प्ले स्टोर से..
    लिंक मौजूद है .

  2. Grace Simple Sharing

    Looks like spraying Pesticides, which increases your chance of cancer (pretty much causes cancer to my take)… Lets all ban non-Organic and GMO products ASAP to save us and our future generations.

  3. Kev A

    people are very fond if saying that 'modern' tech which uses machines is good but that is wrong. it produces pollution which is not healthy for crops or the humans who will consume it. also its harmful for livelihood of farmers. more machines and fewer manpower means less work and more poverty. vedic ways are the best and healthiest. indian govt. should look into that.

  4. Alfred Janiten

    Coke and Pepsi Are Used as Pesticides in India?www.snopes.com/cokelore/pesticide.aspFeb 07, 2015 · Video embedded · … Coke and Pepsi are used as pesticides by farmers in India. … Are Used
    as Pesticides in India? … from sugar cane has been used …This sounds good, try sugar and water. I am not a farmer, but I would avoid spraying sugar on “sweet fruit” as the ants may eat more fruit. Ants will also eat other bug eggs that eat the plants. The good thing is ants make holes in ground that allows more water into ground and when ants die they fertilize soil. Only thing about ants as too many
    may invade homes and make it a problem. Balance good, too much is bad.

  5. Oh Subh

    Jain Irrigation is world leader in Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System. Try solar powered solution. You can also lower your fertilizer cost.

    More crop per drop.

  6. Tips And Tricks

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