1. Sabu Joseph

    It is thrilling to see the transformation of the devastated land to soul refreshing greenery shown towards the end of the video..so it is possible and such possibilities are endless.
    "to make natural resources corner stone of peace-building everywhere' sums up everything. it is so captivating, David!

  2. Kiran Kumar K

    Great presentation by David Jensen. The fact that Afghanistan is blessed with huge untapped natural resources is recognized by the UN but not by the local Government. Afghanistan can be converted into a rich modern nation once these natural resources are allowed to be traded in the world market.

  3. Aram Mahmood

    Similar pattern can be seen in Iraqi Kurdistan, during the sanction we had forest degradation because people used those trees as fuel and right now you will observe desertification, the only way that can tackle this problem is first educating local people second the prosperity right in most of developing countries there is not clear prosperity right that draw a line between two neighbors

  4. Purna Chandra Lal Rajbhandari

    David: impressive and clear presentation on UNEP's work in post conflict countries , several lessons to carry over.. keep it up..


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