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Teresa asks Buboy about what happened to Barrio Maulap’s crops | Starla (With Eng Subs)

This one looks nice. Did you make this? [ROOSTER CROWING] Thank you, Mister Greggy. I’ll make sure
to wash these well. Ester, if you need
fruits or vegetables, feel free to pick
from my garden. You can get eggs as well. That’s too much. They’re not for free,
but I’ll give you a discount. It’s for your son.
School is starting soon. It’s good for his
mind and body. Thank you very much,
Mister Greggy. Sure. – We’ll be going now.
– Okay. Good morning, ma’am. – We’re going, pal.
– Okay, pal. Let’s go. – Bye, Ester, Tonton.
– Bye! Who are those people? Are you helping them too? That’s Miss Ester and Tonton. Tonton’s dad has been
away for a while, so Daddy Greggy
is helping them. What did I tell you? He’s kind when it comes
to other people. I made breakfast.
Are you hungry? I’ll serve the food. I’m not having breakfast. I want to take a stroll. – Can you go with me, Buboy?
– Okay, Teresa! Mister Apol, I didn’t know
Mister Greggy had a family. He did. Greggy was gone for a while.
He was in prison. He was in prison
for a long time. I knew it. That’s why
he’s mean to everyone. He’s an ex-convict. What happened, Mister Ambo? I heard about that. He defended a woman
from Santa Inez and ended up killing
a drunk man. Mister Greggy used
to protect the weak. But after he went to prison and his family left him,
he changed. Wait. So, Teresa studied
in Manila and became rich? – Seems like it.
– She has a fancy car. I wish I can study
in Manila, too. Are you planning to leave me?
You’re not going anywhere. – It’s Chairman.
– Chairman! Fellow residents,
we’re holding a meeting later. I expect everyone
to be there, alright? – Okay, Chairman.
– See you later. What are we doing here, Teresa? I heard that a miracle occurred
in this rice field. It was infested with pests, but a flock of birds arrived
and ate the pests. Buboy, don’t tell her
what we did! Do you know how
that happened, Buboy? It’s so strange.
How is that possible? Were you here when it happened? Buboy, we’re siblings. Siblings don’t keep secrets
from each other. If you know something, you can tell me. No, Buboy! Don’t tell her! Buboy, no! Fellow residents, we’re holding
an important meeting later. Please be there! Teresa! How are you? Thank goodness.

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