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Tesfa Digs a Well

Sometimes it is difficult to get started,
but we have to find a way to stand tall in difficult times. My name is Tesfa Walelign. Lay Gayint, Amhara, Ethiopia I have a small piece of land here. I live with my wife and children. We used to be very poor. I grew wheat, but it was not enough to support
my family. In 2015, the worst drought in decades hit
Ethiopia, leaving 18 million people in dire need of food assistance. It was a difficult time for our family. If I hadn’t received food assistance, I
think my children would have been out in the street. USAID food assistance helped millions of people
survive. And it also came with training to help farmers
learn how to irrigate and grow new crops. Food assistance was our foundation, we built
our lives on it. We also received training. I dug a well and a professional installed
a pump for me, and I started to water my land during the dry season. I grow beetroot, cabbage, onions, carrots,
and collard greens. My wife and I work together to grow and sell
our vegetables at the market. USAID has helped thousands of farmers like
Tesfa graduate from food assistance and harvest more than enough to feed their families. I managed to feed my family, and I started
to send my children to school. I have 5 five children, and now, all of them
attend school. I now have cattle and I’ve built a big house. As a family we eat together, we play together,
and we love each other so much. USAID food assistance is more than food. We help farmers like Tesfa build productive
and prosperous futures for their families.

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