Textile Art – Creating New Surfaces Using Fabric Scraps – Jamie Malden


  1. Shikiraamzingly so

    Astonishing beautiful textile art and immensely informative tutorial!. I keep trying to make much purposeful use of the huge selection of fabrics I have – by hand mostly as not yet able to afford a sewing machine. However, I live in supported housing so can sometimes use my project-scheme one, yet would be fantastic to own my own at my own leisure. Really very delighted to see what results can be achieved with various materials….truly awe-inspiring.

  2. Serap Ugurlugil

    i loved your mother (RIP) used to use fabric scraps and left overs 50 years ago..I've learned from i am 61 and wish she was alive to see these wonderful ideas..thank you..♥
    i wonder why did you use an arabic book to cover ??

  3. Carla Wolf

    Years ago I did try this it didn't turn out as pretty as yours . love this idea thank you lady's for sharing your craft's with the rest of us .

  4. Pauline McKelvey

    So enjoyed your warm and sharing presenting style and very creative ideas. Thank you for making such beautiful things and helping to change the way we look at 'waste'.


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