1. thepaintedpaige

    This is an extremely helpful video. You have, in 4 and half minutes, helped me study almost all of the fibers in one of my courses. Thank you so much for uploading this!

  2. Chandell Asuncion

    According to your burn test cotton and rayon have the same characteristics when performing a burn test. Are there any indicators that separate the two?

  3. Taeorae

    Oh Rayon, I want to make all my clothes out of you so that if I ever catch on fire I'll glow like a pretty firefly while flailing my arms madly.

  4. Toquelibre

    Great video, and extremely educational. I wished that I would have seen this before having a suite made for me in Thailand. They claimed that it was 100% Cashmere and after it was definitely Polyester. I had the place tare off a sample of the fabric so I can test it myself. I totally got Ripped off!! Thanks again for sharing.


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