1. Noel Satterley

    The reason I don't wear textiles. I don't claim to be an expert, but if textiles were that good moto gp riders would wear them.

  2. Poptart Halifax

    Shoes grip the road that good i'm using them for the gym now!

    Sorry about the crash. Keep working on your riding skill. You'll get there!

  3. toadamine

    it wasn't the peg, it was his duck foot! if he had any idea about body position his bike wouldn't have been leaned over half that far going that speed. 😂

  4. Joselito Brigante

    I love how after watching many crashes in the SNAKE the Supermotos are the only bikes that get away with minor damage.
    Amazing bikes!

  5. Eric Fling

    Cheap textile will get a cheap result. Had a few low speed downs with my Revit sand 2, some tearing on seams but never let me down at all. Gonna try KLIM Induction for my next around town jacket.

  6. Badar Ahmed

    i think if your textile jacket has armor on major impact areas like chest, shoulders,arms, and back then you would be fine in a slide considering those are the main regions that get in contact with the road.

  7. Ecclesiastes 3:18

    The bar and clutch lever ripped the jacket. The foot touched the ground and twisted, not the peg. This is what initiated the low-side.
    Start at the 1:00 mark and watch at .25 speed.

  8. Dranksta

    "My fucking peg touched!" No dumb ass… Don't blame the Bike. It was obviously your foot that caught the ground. Own up to your mistake or you will not learn and repeat the mistake.

  9. Nolan Luckett

    That looks like zone 4 from CE 13595, which means it's considered a low stress area and can be used for ventilation/flexibility. This does make me wonder if it's worth the compromise, though.

  10. JOGO

    Looks like his foot touch the ground and it was pulled back into the bike. Did he get any road rash on his chest or abdomen area where the jacket got trashed ?

  11. James Manukonga

    he was riding completely wrong. he didn't have his head tilted nearly enough, not was he riding that bike how it's meant to be. it's a supermoto, built from a dirt bike (drz400, I'm guessing) and he was riding it like a road bike. with a sm bike you put your foot out to lean, not your knee. dumbass.

  12. trevor philips

    peg never touched the ground his foot did because it was hanging off the peg and he freaked out and dropped the bike…you can see in slowmo

  13. Budget TV

    he took his foot of the peg and the lost the balance plus his foot dragged with made the bike make a quick twich and brought it down 2 things brought the bike down in the course they say always leave both feet on the pegs at all times !!

  14. Darren G.

    So is textile and denim protection for warm riding months? I don't ride so I'm a green AF just trying to understand the whole clothing protection vs. leather. I can see how you would need an alternative to leather; is denim good protection against road rash?

    Thumbs up to you two wheelers, the comment section on this channel is chill and informative 99% of the time. A welcome change.


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