Textile Medium Tutorial (How to Paint on Fabric)

hey this is koumori and in today's technique video we're going to be talking about textile medium textile medium is a kind of milky colored liquid that you mix with acrylic paint to turn it into fabric paint and you can find this at like Walmart or Joanne's or Michael's pretty much anywhere that has a crafting section and they tend to be stuck in with the rest of the acrylic paint so you may have to kind of poke around to try and find them because they tend to be hidden in with all the other bottles because the bottles look exactly the same and every company makes there's a little bit different so you have to read the back to double-check but for the most part it works by you mix it with the acrylic paint normally two parts acrylic paint to one part of textile medium and then after you're done painting you can heat set it with an iron personally for mixing my paints I like to use little tiny plastic jars and you can get these at most craft stores and they're fairly inexpensive I got a whole package of these from Joanne's for around $5 and they came in multiple sizes not just these little tiny ones and the nice thing about these is that they have a very tight seal let's see if I can get this off one-handed no I can't and that's good because if you mix a paint color and you want to use it later on you can put the lid on and save it for at least a little while without the paint going dry when you first put your textile medium in it'll look a little bit like this it's very milky and definitely a lot more liquidy than the rest of the paint and here is what the paint looks like after it's been mixed you can barely even tell that the textile medium is in there before you begin painting you're going to want to put some cardboard or I'm using this little plastic mat that was given out by pet food company underneath your fabric to keep the paint from seeping through and getting on the table or whatever surface you're working on after your design has dried carefully iron it to heat set the design and that is how to use textile medium for more cosplay videos please subscribe and if you want to learn more about cosplay crafting please check out my ebook the link will be in the description below thank you very much for watching


  1. Wheat King

    Hi! Your video told me to use 2 parts acrylic and 1 part textile medium, while someonelses video said the opposite! Which one should I do and will there be a difference?

  2. artbyrobot

    you can also mix your own homemade textile medium using 1 part white vinegar, 1 part glycerin, and 2 parts water. That is WAY cheaper than buying expensive textile medium or expensive fabric paint!

  3. Noeru Parisu

    Also, I'm worried about the paint coming off the shirt and getting onto my other clothes while washing. Does the shirt always have to be washed on a delicate cycle?

  4. Noeru Parisu

    I'm not sure about that last part. Do I have to put something between the iron and painted shirt to protect it or do I directly iron onto it?

  5. Asma Deffala

    I'm trying to paint aname on Gymnastics clothes or ballerina clothes should u use same one too in video???and how about the iron????plz help

  6. Erin Lee

    I found this tub of textile paint (it said so on the tub) at my local office/school supply store. Do I need to mix it with acrylic paint to use it as fabric paint?

  7. Phoebe Gordon

    Thanks for the video. I have acrylic paint and was told I needed to add textile medium to it to use on fabric. How does this affect the clothing once it is washed.

  8. Judi Christopher

    "Thank YOU soooooo much…. I have gone through numerous videos, showing "How to" paint on fabric, and some of them even (barley) mention "Textile Medium, much less "SHOW" the bottle…
    You'r video was great!!! 😉

  9. Kurepu

    Hi, I'm just wondering if the paint makes the fabric hard or uncomfortable. And how well does it stay on? Like would the paint crack or chip off and if the colour can rub off. Heat setting it makes it okay to machine wash too right? And how much are fabric mediums in general?

    Sorry for all these Qs ; A ; but thank you so much for the tutorial

  10. Mr.Dr.Kaiser

    So do I understand this correctly in that you can either A: Just buy fabric paint, or B: Mix your own fabric paint using acrylic paint and a textile medium. Do I have that right?

  11. sushiduck10

    So informative as always, you really are an amazing teacher! 😀 I'll have to try using this method sometime on a cosplay. I adore the designs you painted on the fabric, it's so cute! After heat setting the paint, can you hand wash the garment without the paint coming off? Keep up the wonderful work!~

  12. Livs Vlogs

    I'm trying to figure out how much one part is and two parts are please help me with this I'm being Harley Quinn for Halloween and I'm painting her shorts the two colours and I stuck

  13. HuskeyNinja

    I'll have to keep my eye out for it as it sounds like it'll be ideal for when I redo Luka Megurine's skirt in a few years if the one I have gets damaged or if the paint comes off it


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