1. Morgan Olfursson

    Well, China, what do you expect . This country is the biggest plague of our planet today . I actually pity Chinese people .

  2. wen chen

    how can I get a copy of this video? I want to show it in China. I have an opportunity of speaking to owners of some of those textile printing and dyeing factory in the textile twon

  3. MoonLight Host

    Somewhere along the way, humanity fucked up… And being the imperfect people that we are, we'd rather cover up our mistakes instead of solving them… I agree woth Greenpeace's message 100%. But will the people in charge agree? Or promise us change but never actually do anything about it… I've only lived around 19 years and i've seen this happen time and time again… But action needs to happen, and only a single man, woman, and/or child could make the difference. So i'm with you 110% Greenpeace

  4. AlbatrossClothing

    How can this even be legal?! It seems that corporate giants can get away with just about anything… The technology to be green and ethical is there, and in use by numerous brands, why not all of them..?

  5. oscar rolando morales

    ciertas profecias indican que el anticristo vendria de la chna ahora me explico porque.Al ver la deshumanisacion por el capitalismo despiadado .como sucede en japon donde la tecnologia es tambien causa delmismo problema el desamor a nuestra madre tierra.

  6. Norm Rosteck

    capitalisim or life, and our fat rich people in poltics are making the choice,led by corperations with no souls.,gold and oil at an all time high ,in Canada we have the Tar sands and the Harper government..,while the general public is kept to busy and ignorant to care and our children are left with the problem…Nice real nice

  7. extinct

    Humans think this planet and its resources are infinite. This planet is actually very small and humans can (and already have) easily pollute and destroy every single part of it.

  8. Sablecat22

    China is a sesspool of corruption and the government doesnt give a crap about its people.The Almighty Dollar is the bottom line sadly.

  9. Gui.Argel

    Terribly sad, I hope this stops. The impact on the area surrounding those factories is devastating i cant even imagine what theses people have been through.


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