Textiles Summer Institute

everything that you use every day of your life is woven in some way or some fashion so student that comes in studies during the summer at there is new textile Department will have a very immersive experience but at the same time with the different courses that are going on with the Summer Institute they're also going to have somewhat of a broad experience we really push the students to really think outside of what is known to tread new ground and really experiment and take risks it's always with the technology the technique is in service the art and the design and that's just as important in your face the technical part I had been obsessed with RISD since I was a little kid I actually took C classes and knew I wanted to come here so I started looking into textiles which is kind of like the lovechild between apparel and painting there's so much multimedia work like you're never bored the processes are really different but yet they have the same principles so you get to explore a lot of things this place is very special because it's a combination between like technology and the things that are being actually used in the industry we see this as a place for people to come who won't have access to the printing or even the 24 harness Dobby limps without coming terrific so it's a very unique distinct place in this country and even in the world that we have this equipment often times its equipment you would find on a factory floor but that our approach to it is to develop a student artistically hand-in-hand with the technical the lose that we use are these are really old beautiful antique wounds but they've actually been retrofitted with the electronics that you can see on the side of it there's a computer attached to each loom a monitor and then you can see the black box on the side is actually the interface sometimes it sees as the balloon does it for you but you're really right there weaving hands on with every yarn I really like having all the different yarns in here and the color top because it's there's just so much variety within items for the assignments we can basically do anything and everyone comes up with something completely different this is our industrial digital printer it prints on both continents silk fabrics with dyes so students come with their image either from either something they've painted in the they've scanned in then they bring it here and it prints with dyes on to the fabric that I choose as far as working with the digital printer that kind of allowed me to take an image that I would not have been able to silkscreen by hand and and to work with that surface in a different manner to be able to take an image that I had processed in the darkroom and then apply it to a fabric was such a unique experience and I think a lot of other people have that opportunity experimentation is one of our biggest assets one Mouse am I gonna learn how to use a living machine might be harder to pick up on my own so I was just excited by the possibilities of just the many avenues that I can go forward with the textiles knitting is much more apparel based it's exciting you can do things really fast and really big and bright and colorful and this weaving is definitely a little bit quieter sometimes in the wall like they're just small samples but there's still so much work and thought put into them the best part about our instructors is just like their willingness to share their knowledge any questions you have it doesn't matter like how obscure it is like they'll have a good answer for you one of the great main reasons I chose to be in textiles was everyone in the department is so open and it's not like a teacher-student like he's gonna like distance between us through really you're really talking to another artist as an artist working with students is always encouraging me to keep pushing my own ideas further it's kind of it's good because I kind of give them advice and then I realized that I should take that advice for my own work so it's kind of like reiterates for me to keep pushing my own work further our faculty that teach during the year are the teachers for our summer Studies programs students are interacting and learning from professional faculty and also professionals out there in the field we usually set up the work in a room the group critiques it together and from the crit you really you'll get to look at your work from a distance which usually people don't do on our own I love it it's become part of our everyday lives but I think that's sort of honest a suggestion you can have with other students has really helped the way I do my work everybody does their work we learn from one another a lot more than we learned from just our teachers the students often say you know you are so passionate about textiles and what how do you how do you sustain that after being in the field now for 30 years and I always say it's one of the few fields that has a history that is profound but yet it's the furthest reaching field as far as innovation on materials and in technologies so it's fans you know sort of ancient to the things we can't even imagine in our future this is a very unique experience it is a life-changing experience from designing a piece of fabric from the paper to the paintbrush to watercolor to the computer and then to a final length of fabric when they leave they will be rekindled with their own creative juices if you won't use that term and it transpires into every other aspect of the art world and of industry

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