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The Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition

The Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition
is a network of forestland owners, universities, non-governmental and governmental organizations
that share a common goal of improving agroforestry production opportunities and farming capabilities
among forest farmers. What does membership mean for our farmers? Training and Support with hands-on-workshops
focusing on all aspects of production. But it is in senescence, that is these plants
are circulating, in this case the sanguinarian from the root system to the shoot. Gain access to a host of online resources
including social media updates, our forest farming community forum, and a library of
forest farming videos featuring experts on everything from seed collection to rhizome
division and much more. We are Connecting Growers through forest farmer
and industry stakeholder meetings. Our events provide unique networking opportunities
that link growers with buyers, organic certifiers, and verification program representatives. We also offer Technical Assistance. Membership includes access to university extension
and agency personnel for assistance with site and habitat management planning. We also have trainings geared specifically
toward university extension and agency personnel, expanding the number of people in Appalachia
who are well-versed in these techniques and are ready to assist forest farmers. We’re working across the supply chain and
also provide training on value added processes to increase market potential. As we continue to plant the seeds of connection,
our network is growing. What can membership mean for regional organizations? The Coalition brings grassroots efforts together,
which increases resources and broadens our network of likeminded individuals. Partnerships have led to successes, such as
the PCO Forest Grown Program’s expansion to West Virginia and Ohio through our partners
Rural Action and United Plant Savers, and the development of the Appalachian Harvest
Herb Hub in Duffield, VA by partner Appalachian Sustainable Development. Membership has helped these organizations
leverage funds and expand their reach. This growth assists us in our mission is to
provide resources to forest farmers and connect the supply chain to meet the increasing demand
for responsibly sourced botanicals. What does membership mean for the herbal products
industry? Product adulteration, quality control, traceability
issues, sustainability, overharvest and depletion of native populations can be common problems
with wild harvested forest botanicals, but verified forest grown botanicals provide a
sourcing option that is sustainable, traceable, and transparent, assisting the herbal products
industry in procuring quality material that meets the expectations of a large and growing
base of discriminating consumers. What are other members saying about the coalition? We’ve already in just a few shot months of
being associated with the ABFFC have met several people who have helped us solve problems,
shared there ideas, talked about what they’ve run into in terms of problems. It’s been a great learning and growing experience. I don’t think we would have known what to
do or where to go as far as marketing this without the coalition’s help and working with
partners because that’s really what’s made this doable. So how do you become a member? It’s easy. Log onto our website at
and click BECOME A MEMBER. It’s that easy and it’s FREE!

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