1. Apack Westbound

    Watching this 9 minute video has got to have been among the most informative 9 minutes of my life. More importantly, for Tap, when I go to purchase supplies for my upcoming fiberglass project I’ll be looking to purchase Tap products. Thank you for taking the time and spending the resources to produce quality educational videos that automatically promote your product-brilliant!


  2. Tony Bostrom

    Such an informative video  –  thank you very much. You have made things so much clearer. I knew of the different materials, just didn't know the applications ideal for each one. My way forward is now apparent. Thanks.

  3. Walkertongdee

    I hope beginners appreciate this video, it is very good and accurate in every respect. I can find no fault with any part of this video. The presentation is awesome.

  4. compositestechbb

    Informative video for a novice. Good work. However my favorite part was the theme song at the end. A lot of choosing directional fabric comes down to simple reasoning. If one is strong left to right couple it with a layer stronger in the opposite directions, throw some mat in the middle and your good. One thing I would like to add is that when using heavy material like a roven, or even a twill, in a first layer it will cause print through. You'll be able to see the weave pattern in the gelcoat. Start with strand mat on your first layer.

  5. Lucky Dog

    You should make this mandatory viewing for your employees.
    I went to one of your stores today and the employee knee nothing. Could not explain to me what E glass was.

  6. waswestkan

    Informative video glad I found it.  Never fold the glass cloth… I can't argue with that, but for most that's the way we have to purchase from the only stores available to us.  No taps store beyond  the West coast my guess that they too are  long drive away for many.

  7. Harry Paul Garcia

    Does any company make a hybrid material made of kevlar and fiberglass. I heard of one called kev-core, but I can't find it. Maybe, its just a dream. For now, I make my own

  8. Billy Smart

    Awesome video, 12 months of confusion cleared up in 9 minutes. Now actively looking for all your other videos. The title is perfect to reflect the content, just wish I could do more to say thanks.

  9. Raghav Sharma

    Great Job, really informative and well explained. The whole structure of Fibreglass reinforcement explained to perfection =) Thanks Guys  =)

  10. TAP Plastics

    ​I would recommend buying the book, "Building Your Kevlar Canoe." A project like this cannot be explained in a short message. You can find the book at our website.


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