1. MournelitheCalix

    @MournelitheCalix that caused the bloom have in any way been addressed by the mussels themselves.

    A piece of advice for you to consider when next trying to assert your own credibility as a scientist, leave your bias out of your argument. Once people read the following, "Show me one example of where communism has been a success" you have instantly lost the battle. Science is not swayed by politics and the method exists in order to eliminate the introduction of bias from a conclusion.

  2. MournelitheCalix

    @MournelitheCalix there is no way to gauge just how much time has passed. I agree such video is interesting, but its certainly not conclusive. Nor does it suggest a means of asserting that an invasive species like the zebra mussel has in any way improved water quality of the great lakes. Even if one was to accept that your observation and conclusion were correct and that the mussels have "partially " cleared up the water column you can not assert in any way that the abiotic factors (cont)

  3. MournelitheCalix

    @MournelitheCalix actions either in part or alone. Could they have contributed to this? Perhaps, again but a proper scientific mind would ask the question, where is the data supporting such an assertion? Even to say that this video provides adequate documentation of filter feeders clearing up the water column is laughable scientifically. I can achieve such a clearing using an ordinary filter such as an Ehiem Prof III or a FluVal FX5 without invertebrates. Another problem is that (cont)

  4. MournelitheCalix

    @MournelitheCalix You have presented no proof to your claims. This is why I criticized you. Instead what I have watched you do here is run straight to the pollitical attack lines which might sound good to you but has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Your advice to me was to learn science, I would invite you to do the same. Just because the zebra mussels are present and just because they may or may not filter feed does not mean that the partial clearing you "observed" is due to their

  5. MournelitheCalix

    @BeeRich33 I will never say that I can't learn more in science. However from reading your comments I already know that your understanding of the process is very flawed. What I was trying to tell you diplomatically is this. You can not make two observations and then draw a conclusion. That is not science, that is what you believe. Science operates on a different level. As I tell my college students, its not about what you believe its about what you can prove.

  6. MournelitheCalix

    @BeeRich33 Just having degrees do not necessarily mean you are educated in a particular subject. I find myself believing BogusScience more than you given your immediate reach for the political attack lines rather than science.

    Oh and a person with a high school grasp of science knows that one can not draw a scientific conclusion based upon observations alone. Just because zebra mussels are in a body of water does not mean they are solely or largely responsible for clearing up the water.


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