1. Darylbnet67

    Awesome vid, great info, have one question, ? if CQUK is a great base and Skin is a great Top coat, can Skin be subbed for Gliss, ? Has anyone tried that ? or would the chemicals not be compatible to risk trying it ? And I guess the other issue is getting Skin seperate… Also see that CarPro now has Skin too, is this the same chemical copy or a spin off to compete with Gyeon type Skin ?…

  2. Excavator Operator

    Ceramic coating that you do apply yourself is nothing to think about. If you want it to last whit no bull shit it have to be 2 component ceramic coating. The reall stuff is something you can't buy! Only certain dealers are allowed apply it. It last 6-9 years! This is what you are looking for if you are gonna do ceramic coating. Ditec ceramic ultra is one of the best you can get. This is the only thing we can have on construction equipment that can withstand scratches. A paint and clear coating on an excavator is no different from a car's paint or a truck. Forget this applyit yourself coating it have to be 2k coating for all of you that dont now!

  3. castamir

    Is it true that the least expensive ceramic coating will still perform better than the best sealant? If so, the ultimate goal of the consumer is to choose a ceramic coating that is both cheap and easy to apply. This will give them far superior performance over sealant without hurting their wallets and their hands.

  4. ikosimi simo

    You're investing serious money into this channel! You also take the time to prepare your subjects and edit the videos, so l'm following your content.

  5. marios kosmidhs

    Dear sir fro. Your experience can i use some hight quality ceramics liken those to.protect the headlights after restoration? To protect them.maybe 1,2 years?

  6. Ahmed Maki

    Hi John. Excellent video as always! Do you have any reviews on the professional ceramic coatings. I wanted to use gyeon duraflex or durabead. Apparently for gyeon accredited detailers only! Why is that? Are they more difficult to apply than the gyeon synchro? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Genysmen runner

    Have you seen a difference in self cleaning abilities vs a sealant or wax? Less dirt between washes or easier to remove non bonded contaminants with a pressure washer?

  8. Marcus Cassius

    What is tha 59 people doesn’t like the best comparison ever made of ceramic coatings. What is wrong with people these days.

  9. Curtis

    This is the most helpful, and articulate Video I have found on Ceramic coatings across the entire internet. I have learned so much more and understand Ceramic coatings greater. Very well done good sir!

  10. Gregory Marsh

    Wait a minute… these ceramic coatings are meant to last years, literally hundreds of days. And you found them to lose hydrophobic properties after 1 month?! Am I missing something here?

    Was that because you'd assaulted them with harsh chemicals and broke them down or are they failing at their job? Please shed some light. Thank you!

  11. Alex Lisney

    Its interesting how all these companies claim their product is completely different from their competitors, yet they all consistently release the same products as each other. Anyone would think they all come from the same factory.
    Best one out of all of them is the cheapest.

  12. Chris Roop

    In general, how much time would you allow the base coats to cure before exposing the vehicle to water. I'm more concerned with dew in the morning, but rain as well.  I don't have a garage.

  13. Flap Jackumz

    Could I get you to do a review of armorshield IX they claim 92% sio2. I have it on my car and its been pretty damn good. Picked it up for $41.99

  14. Sandeep Yadav

    Hi Mate another one…. if you have stone chips marks on the paint how to get it quoted. Also after doing a ceramic coating can it be repaired after words.


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