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The Best Crop Size for Instagram Photos in Lightroom

today I’d like to show you how to crop
larger Instagram photos and Lightroom and this little trick I’m gonna show you
is gonna make your photos look so much better on Instagram instead of doing the
standard one by one ratio so the first thing you want to do is in your library
make sure you import the photo that you would like to crop then we’re gonna head
over to develop what’s on the develop page we’re gonna come over here to the
right and we’re gonna look for the crop tool right here just click that once now
on your keyboard go ahead and hit your X key and if you keep clicking it you’re
gonna notice it goes landscape portrait so we want to make sure we stay on the
portrait mode then we’re going to come down here where you see aspect and to
the right where it says original you’re gonna see two little arrows just click
on that and we’re gonna click this where it says 4 by 5 8 by 10 okay now I want
to do is reposition my photograph because I would like to have the mood
more up to the left hand corner here so to do that as long as I within the crop
boxes here you’re gonna see a little hand and I can left click hold down and
I could reposition to photograph so I’m gonna put the moon about right there now
I also notice this photograph is just slightly off level so to fix that
problem all I need to do is go outside the crop area you’re gonna see two
arrows once again I’m gonna left click hold down and I’m gonna rotate the
picture just a hair okay once I feel good about the looks of this I’m gonna
go ahead and hit done now if there’s a positioning or something you don’t like
and you want to readjust again all you need to do is go back over just click
once on the crop and you can come in and move it just a little bit more hit done
okay once you’re happy with it let’s go ahead and export this so I’m going to
come up here where it says file export I want to make sure my export is
to hard drive my location I can just choose right here and I’m just gonna go
ahead and put it on my desktop choose file naming you have several options
here so I usually just do custom settings and then I just hit edit and
then I could rename the file moonlit night I’ll hit done okay now I’m gonna
scroll down under file settings here and if you don’t see these you could just
click these little arrow tabs once and no window will pop up and I want to keep
this image format in jpg format color space I want to make sure it’s an srgb
so just by clicking the arrows on the right you can see the other options the
quality I want to make sure it’s at a hundred percent and then the only other
thing I’m going to do is I’m actually gonna add a little watermark on mine
this is definitely a personal preference on your part so I’ll make sure I have my
watermark click there and at that point I’ll go ahead and hit export now there’s
several ways to get this photo to your Instagram the number one way which is
pretty easy is just to email this photo to yourself and then you go in on your
phone to your email and then save the photo that way other options you have
airdrop or you also have a Dropbox app so those are two other good ways of
getting the photo to Instagram but next week I’m actually gonna show you a trick
on me uploading this photo directly from your computer to Instagram so if you
haven’t subscribed definitely subscribe and stay tuned for that next video
coming up next week there so anyways I hope this video helped you out and give
you some good pointers there and we’ll catch you on the next video coming down
to pipeline you have a good one

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  1. Uptown Photography Author

    Can this be done for a Landscape photo? I use a computer to post to IG (there's a way to fool IG to use a computer as you probably know) but recently, once I try and resize from square to landscape, Instagram greys out the "NEXT" button, so I can no longer post unless I stay with the square format. I am a photographer and a computer is much better for posting then a phone……Thanks,,………,BTW: I used to be able to resize on my laptop until yesterday. All of a sudden it started doing this and I also tried from multiple computers. No longer works if I resize…Thanks…I gave you a Sub.


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