1. Winsant Store

    Most buyers don't know which one to buy….. Basically people will go after, what fits in their budget and give the best look for their home or office.

  2. Stewart mckay

    Back in the day they used to call them vitrified tiles. But porcelain and porcelain cannot be compared some have really bad finishes I need to be sealed do not buy them normally come from China and are called porcelain also they are hard to bed in sand and cement

  3. Cindy Douglass

    This explanation put forth in the video is confusing! Porcelain is a type of ceramic. Generally, there are Porcelain, Stoneware, and Earthenware types of clay bodies under the category of material called "Ceramic".

    Porcelain's water absorption rate is usually 1% or less. This is what makes porcelain a good choice for outdoors (freezing weather is less likely to crack a porcelain tile since there is less water in the tile to expand when frozen).

    Stoneware, as a rule, has an absorption rate of about 2-5% absorption rate. Some stoneware clay bodies have a lower absorption rate, making it a good choice for pottery dishes along with porcelain. (Dishes are subjected to a lot of abuse from absorbing water in a dishwasher to superfast heating in a microwave.)

    Lastly, earthenware is a clay body that can absorb around 10%-15 water. Items made from this clay body are not meant for microwave use, but can be used just like other clay bodies. The clay's absorption of water means that these tiles might help keep a home more comfortable in an arid climate.

  4. Mike Goins

    These people are so wrong, I deal with tiles and stones all day every day and porcelain chips far easier than ceramic. Don't believe me go to a home depot or Lowe's and take one of each tile and barely tap the sides of each together and see which is damaged! People please do your due diligence!!!!!

  5. My Opinion

    All I see is a lot of assholes in the comment section, running their mouth. Don't see any of you ass holes making videos…and I don't know either of those who did this video…u bunch of dick heads lol

  6. Alan McCarthy

    tile shops are all for themselves ,have huge mark ups ,never take responsibility for problems after ,dont care how good or bad the floors are and sell gigantic tiles to clueless customers ,once the tile s leave the shop and they have your money they couldn't Care less what the tile setter has to endure to do a good job for fractions what they make out of the sale

  7. Larry Cederholm

    watch out for crooks in the tile bus. they order way to much tile for you and then charge a re stoking fee that excessive watch out


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