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The Don Tyson Legacy: Don Tyson Center for Agricultural Sciences Dedication

Don Tyson refused to let the company or the family put his name on a building as long as he was living. Tyson’s is a Arkansas company. We like Arkansas and we like chickens. Tyson Foods started in Northwest Arkansas back in the early 30s When our founder John W. Tyson who was in the trucking business at the time started hauling hay from Kansas to Northwest Arkansas to sell to farmers, and then hauling back fruits and vegetables to sell in the markets in Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago. The company has grown from that very small beginnings to the largest meat company in the world. When we first started out to design this building it was the thought of the Tyson family and the Division of Agriculture People who were involved that we wanted to build an iconic research and education building. One of the things that we discussed was our need for High-end laboratory space and really a facility that we could host a variety of different Educational meetings that would help us deliver our research discoveries to the people that are going to take advantage of it. We decided that this was a building that was very Needed and important to both Tyson Foods and the poultry industry But also more broadly agriculture in general So we had a number of discussions as to what our needs would be and how we could best utilize their generosity. If you think about the three pillars of the land grant mission–Research, Extension, and Education– This facility is going to help us with all three of those mission areas. The Division of Ag houses most of the Ag research that’s done in Arkansas and research is critical to our industry and to Agriculture in general. The dream for this facility has been a long time in coming. My feeling being in this new building and looking around at what we’ve been able to build A tremendous sense of accomplishment. I think most certainly this building demonstrates the Division of Agriculture’s commitment to Agricultural Sciences The building has two wings. One is a research wing. And the other is an office and meeting space wing. We wanted to address our needs for top flight laboratory spaces. I think what this facility makes possible Is being able to show new scientists who are considering coming to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture The quality research laboratories that they need. It’s not realistic to expect someone who’s been highly trained in molecular biology to come and work in a barn. The quality of the science is going to be greatly enhanced by the quality of the laboratory space that we have here. The second purpose of this facility is to provide meeting space that will help not only Deliver our science to the managers and the scientists within the industry But also better educate our consumers about how it is that we produce our food Where our food comes from and really the role of agriculture in our broad society. Too often people think of of agriculture as being cows and plows. And while cows and plows are still important, cutting-edge research is what will really propel Agriculture into the next century. This celebration today will be over in a couple of hours But the work that gets done after that is what’s going to be Important to the future of the company and the industry and Arkansas. We think Don would be very proud of what’s going to be taking place in the building as well as in the building itself. Without generous corporations and families that we have in Arkansas It would not be possible for the University or the Division of Agriculture To build the buildings that we need to house our research and education programs. Well we’re very fortunate to have the relationship that we have with the Tyson family and with Tyson Foods. They’ve been long-standing benefactors of our programs within the Division of Agriculture in the Bumpers College It was important to recognize Don’s Contribution to agriculture in Arkansas and his relationship with the University of Arkansas, the Division of Ag. We think this building is going to have a lasting impact, not only on Arkansas agriculture But really agriculture worldwide. The family is very proud to have Don Tyson’s name on this building. Your future starts a new phase today. Build your family and your friends circle. Make sure your word is your bond. And Have fun

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