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the interactions of
the systems – the ecology and the ecosystems – we now
that species that we know, if we have that particular beetle we have the whole cycle
above and below the soil. So, it’s helping us minimize the range of
things we need to monitor. Its outcome based. So, it’s monitoring and measuring outcomes
rather than what’s going in and what’s being used on the farm. However, having said that we have a protocol,
so it was very important for us to identify the product because every farm is using the
same recipe (for want of a better word), it meant that the texture of the fruit and the
taste of the fruit, the performance of the fruit would be the same. And that was really important because as with
commercial food or organic food, you can go to the supermarket and you buy a strawberry
one week and they’re fantastic you want to go back and buy more and you go back and
there’s no taste. And they all look the same but they don’t
taste or perform the same way. So, one of the key things with ecoganics is
having that trademark to identify that product in the market place, giving the customer the
assurance that every time they buy that product, that it will taste, perform and it will be
farmed under the exact same way.

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