1. Melissa Beswick Author

    Great talk! I loved the emphasis on institutional as opposed to individual change. I can't wait to see what happens with this movement going forward – this talk did a great job highlighting that we're in the midst of a really important time in the history of animal welfare and that we can all do our part.

  2. Ty Savoy Author

    Such a great optimistic, and forward thinking way of looking at this issue. We're closer to the end of animal farming than we realise.

  3. Chase Avior Author

    Great speech! I've been Vegan for 8 years! I really like that you dispel the humane myth, encourage activism, talked about helping all species of animals, and mentioned that this is a Social Justice Movement!

  4. Kenny Torrella Author

    Fantastic talk on how we can end the factory farming of animals and transition to a more humane, environmentally-sound food system.

  5. Natural Vegan Mama Author

    Interesting idea. I'm interested to see where this goes. Ultimately I think plant based eating is the way to go. Those are not our cells to manipulate and consume. I agree that change needs to also be on the institutional level. One day we will shake our heads at the thought that we ever served animals to our children in school cafeterias.

  6. Kryptic Korner Author

    thats great and all, but exactly how can you stop a multi billion dollar industry being invested by 95% of the population? you gave no examples how anyone can do that, hence the huge movement happening among those choosing to be vegan and teaching that an industry will continue to exist until we stop paying for it. the owners of these industries have no compassion for the animals or the consumes health. only money, so i disagree. i believe its in the power of the people to stop contributing to the cause. you speak of the new vegan companies that are attracting the attention of the consumers…..consumers….if no one bought the vegan alternatives, they would go out of business. and the meat keeps going….point being, its all up the consumer. the fact that you immediately denote the hard work of activism that teaches real people the reality of their diet is appalling to me. all forms of activism should be implemented by whomever is capable at all levels. if we all eat meat, were not going to join together to shut down our food source..lol. we must wake up as many people as willing and possible and watch it spread like love.

  7. Brandt McCall Author

    Excellent talk, I agree entirely. Factory farms are just the most dark, nightmarish places it is hard to fathom that these places even exist. I keep holding the vision factory farms are over ASAP. All of life is precious, sacred and deserves to be cared for and respected. Meat/dairy is not even healthy, the new US food guide recommends a plant based diet and many leading body builders/other athletes are vegan.

  8. farginargle Author

    Bravo! I really like Jacy's presentation. I'll look him up. Love the way he rallies us for a goal of truly embracing real morality, without shaming. I believe that this is another great trend, higher moral thinking with diminishing shaming and guilting.

  9. IAM REAL Author

    Animal agriculture is the the 2nd biggest cause of Climate Change AND it is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.

    According the the United Nations, we can not sustain the animal agriculture with the growing population without devasting our planet. Currently Animal Agriculture covers 45% of the planet's land surface, and is expanding exponentially.

    You and I can change that by dramatically and permanently cut meat and dairy consumption or better yet eliminating it completely.

  10. April Nagy Author

    Great talk! Love the approach on how animal agriculture is inherently cruel and it’s negative consequences on our planet and our health.

    These animals don’t deserve this dreadful life just because they happen to be born a species that is killed as a baby and eaten when we have the option to leave animals off of our plates and still be healthy (usually even healthier).

    I believe that tradition, lack of knowledge and fear of change is what keeps people stuck and continuing with the cognitive dissonance that allows them to feel okay about it.

    Almost everyone is against animal cruelty and becoming vegan is the solution to aligning our values to our daily actions.

    The time has come to break traditions, gain knowledge on this very important topic and be fearless in creating a positive change for all beings and this planet we live on.

    Live harmlessly, be vegan ❤️🌱❤️

  11. Cynthia Lynn Author

    The suggested approach to inclusion of those who are not vegetarians or vegans is necessary if to end the needless suffering caused by the standard practices of factory farms. Thanks for spreading the word through your Talks.

  12. Pudz Animal Sanctuary Author

    Really enjoyed this video, an interesting topic and good speech. I hope one day we call all live cruelty free. Go Vegan!

  13. Louis F Author

    Great talk, important topic. I liked Jacy's argument for focusing on institutions instead of individuals, and his discussion of how non-vegetarians can still advocate for farm animals.

  14. John Achterhof Author

    What I find encouraging about this prospect of the end of industrial-scale animal farming is that it doesn't depend on appeal to empathy or environmental concern but merely on the development of clean meat more appealing to the pressing human concerns of quality and cost.

  15. Wolf Bullmann Author

    Whether by change of food habits or food itself (to replacement products involving no harm to animals), I hope the mentioned prediction by Richard Branson will turn out to be the upper margin!

  16. Erika Yuliana Author

    I'm happy that the microphone is open to this so important issue. No doubt veganism and plant based diet will change the future! Thanks for speaking about it!

  17. Whole Connection Author

    This is such a great TedxTalk! Some great points are made, and expressed so clearly. Refusing to participate in animal farming has changed my life for the better in so many ways. For animals, health, and environment.. choosing vegan has a positive impact.

  18. Marlene Dorfman Author

    Thank you for adding a positive slant on the future of activism. I’m also a preachy vegan and your video gave me a new perspective.

  19. PJ Author

    Great talk. Jacy is a great advocate on behalf of living 🌱 vegan and speaking out against those that are not transparent regarding the industry that farms living beings as property. Good job Jacy.

  20. Livia Reyna Author

    Here me out people. I dont think that eating animals is bad. We are omnivores by nature. I think problem is the industrialization of it. My grandpa lives in a farm. He gets sad when has to kill the animals he took care of for so long. There is humanity in the way he gets his food. Its just a way of life for many people even if they dont like it.

  21. Aikidōka Author

    There is just this one thing that kind of bothers me about talks like this… They use "I know deep down you want to be this person that doesn't hurt animals" sentences like facts. To me that's either one personal view of humanity among many others or a specific psychosocial way of argument because I think "deep down" everyone wants to see him- or herself as a good person so we might follow the moral that is popular. people did a lot of things through history to see themselves as good people by their moral standards.
    In general I wouldn't call this a bad thing but when it comes to talks about altruism I hear this kind of argument a lot… "I know you wanna be truly this or that kind of person." cut this part out and I really enjoy your talks. Humanity is probably too complicated to be put in a box like this and using it to convince someone doesn't seem right to me

  22. emma butcher Author

    I can't wait to hear those meat industry business owners whine about how animal activists "ruined their business." 😂😂😂. Sorry but, you can't get away with ongoing abuse.

  23. hype CENTRAL Author

    Factory Farms are sick, and now we have laws trying to prevent people from showing evidence of abuse?!?! This is a horrible world😣😣

  24. Ian Wilson Author

    A very disguised talk to get rid of animals under a treat animals better slant. Starting with cows followed by other livestock horses. I think he mentioned pets at the end also. So we can free up land to produce vegetables/grains. Obviously he has no idea of cropping on land year after year and what is involved in the way of pests and diseases on crops, how they can be wiped out easily by weather etc. Maybe he should try a vege garden for year or two and see how he can feed his family. I liked that he didn't go into the global warming propaganda too much. At some stage when it comes to food supply the world needs at sustainability of human population not the animals and this would involve education about 1 child per person ie your replacement. As for fake meat it reminded of the old Sci- Fi movie Soy-lent green.

  25. Missy Author

    The reason why the organic open field farming meat is expensive is that there are few farms doing it. Once all animal agriculture is at high standards, the prices would drop due to competition.

  26. Stuke Author

    I buy grass fed and pasture raised animal products whenever I can, but not everyone can afford such a luxury. Hopefully there's a huge paradigm shift in the future and we can find a way to revert back to more ethical ways of livestock.

  27. Lee Tee Author

    Why have I only just seen this. I have been vegan for a few years now and at times i admit that I become a "preachy vegan" or one to push my vegan food and morals onto others because of my strong feelings towards animal abuse , animal agriculture. But it hasnt worked much in having other join me. I am so, thankful to have come across this today 💙💙💙💙

  28. Katherine Rogers Author

    Rather than try to sell people on the idea of eating a meat substitute, I wish they would talk about products available NOW, pricing compared to the closest type of meat, and nutrition INCLUDING B12 content.

    It is unrealistic to believe that families will swap to a meat substitute IF there is a nutritional problem such as insufficient B12. Not all poor families can afford to give vitamin pills to family members. Many families are barely making ends meet as is.

    Next if substitute products are priced as though a luxury item….then the target of getting the vast majority of families to purchase….is just not sustainable.

    Poor families are already combining beans, nuts and grains , but that does not meet B12 needs.

    The general idea is great….but until the products available now can meet these needs we have a long way to go.

    If using these products or any meat substitute, please DO look at B12 content. If you are able to take supplemental B12 and get your level tested 1 to 2 times per year then go for it. If not…please discuss a drastic change in diet with your doctor.

    We really DO need to have another method to meet our nutritional needs than killing animals. If we can use cell culture….then we should also be able to culture plant cells and therefore plant based food in less space using fewer resources (fertilizer, pesticides etc). Could we genetically modify the plant cells involved to make B12 and a higher level of other nutrients? That could take pressure off the animal products.

  29. Seven Ellen Author

    Good news! Veganism has risen by 350% in the past decade – It is the future people, let's double, triple, quadruple etc this figure as fast as possible. I've been vegan before, and I am vegan again. Let's save the world one meal at a time.

  30. Marty Richard Author

    He's not very convincing; in fact, he's pretty lame at getting across the message of just how serious and barbaric animal farming really is. If he would just show some footage of how cows, pigs or many other animals are tortured and abused before slaughtered, he would be much more effective.

  31. Franco Dentfree-eu Author

    Thank You for the great talk Jacy. Desperate and Inhumane conditions should be enough to understand what a massive mess the whole farming industry really is.

    Whatever anyone thinks of and does now or in the future, it will never be "humane" because it will always be abusive, cruel, unsustainable and heavily polluting to our whole ecosystem/environment, all that poop and urine has to go somewhere, no matter if they get rid of it and how out of sight or not it all is, and think that this goes on every day, every year, infinitely, the environmental devastation is immense, just look at the soil and coastlines of many countries, the soil is depleted, polluted, and sea water is dead and dangerous to even swim in it, let alone find corals or fish, all because this is all because of the animal farming industry!!! ⚡👹💩

  32. Ken Strahan Author

    Easy for people in America to say these thing Go to a 3rd world country and tell them to grow plants when they don't have the land or climate

  33. Midwest Farmer LeDuc Author

    We really need more packing houses locally to save on money from shipping meat from one end of the country to the other these factory farms wouldn't got that way if it wasn't for the fact that they did everything to get rid of the family farm FDA EPA too many laws put families out of business people need to buy quality meat from family farms local butcher shops.and families need to learn how to cook their own food like they did before I miss grandmother's cooking she can fry chicken in lard and it was damn good she butchered chickens at the age of 10. Family farms Rayesed there food they were self-sufficient. Vertical engine integration requires fuel the run the factories that take the food from one end of the nation to the other. This is not about meat it is about control of what you're going to eat the same people that own the factory packing houses are creating fake meat. People who are self-sufficient will not have to be in there control it's all about control.


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