The Fabric of Love Guided Meditation (Dr Joe Dispenza students)

meditation to connect to your own goodness this meditation can help you to decide NFI from many parts of your system in this present moment in time or that you re referencing from the past that you may feel identified with and that you may feel have failed or have been bad or wrong or not good enough the core of this meditation will help you get in touch with your pure essence the goodness of your being regardless of who you are what you do for living your relationships who you've been and who you've believed yourself to be so begin by finding a comfortable place either sitting or laying down and relaxing letting go intending for the breath to become smooth relaxed easy letting go of any thoughts any sensations that arise any emotion simply observing yourself as you are right now sitting or laying in this room slowing down your breath and imagining that as you're breathing you create space in your body bringing in light openness space into your body as you inhale and expanding into space opening even more as you Excel as you let go as you release the physical contractions and tensions from your physical body let the body open let your muscles soften that every part of you feel light and free feel as though your limbs your body your whole being was floating in space empty expanding open and as you continue to dissolve and expand into this feeling of openness and expansion imagine yourself inside a completely empty room and in that empty room everything is white the floor the walls the ceiling and in this empty room you sit or you lay at the very center of the room experiencing yourself in that space in that empty space in that open space filled with light we all live nothingness emptiness if any thought arises any physical sensation or emotion simply become aware of it and imagine that you can project onto the wall that fad or that physical sensation or emotion as an image of you imagine that you can see in front of you that thought that feeling that sensation that emotion as an image of yourself a photograph and in this empty room each and every thought each and every sensation feeling emotion is now being projected onto the walls of the room as a picture as a snapshot of you and as you look at each picture you can see that you look different in each one of them each picture captures that thought that feeling sensation that emotion that projection from your mind onto yourself and as you see all these different pictures on the wall of yourself fragments of yourself you realize that none of them are you they're all projections of your imagination and all of these pictures of you on the wall they're not you and not truly who you are who you want to be just aspects of yourself that you've imagined being and as you realize that as you look at each picture as you look into the eyes of each one of these different representations of yourself they disappear one by one you and once again the walls of the room are empty there if more images more pictures are created are projected from your imagination from your mind you realize that those are projections from the past and that they're not you and you let them go they either disappear or slide down the wall to the ground into the emptiness of space beyond the ground below the ground and as you continue to dissolve to empty to release any ego aspects of yourself you find yourself with a lot of energy and you feel that energy at the very center of your heart nothing is being projected onto the walls anymore you're simply focusing on your heart maybe you can hear your heart beating as you imagine yourself at the center of that empty room and it feels so good to listen to your heart beating and you fall in love with that heartbeat and with your heart your beautiful heart you fall in love with your own goodness now there's an identity as someone who does good or is good not as someone who is right just simply recognizing the beauty that is you recognizing your own goodness for no other reason except to be just to breathe in the emptiness just to be in the emptiness feeling your heart to open and expand as you connect to your own goodness for no reason and as you continue to connect your own goodness to feel at a very deep level fundamentally how good you are how much your deserve to receive anything that you wish to receive you become aware that the room the empty room that you're in is filled with love it's never really been empty it's always been filled with love and now that you're not distracted by the pictures on the wall by the images of yourself you notice and feel this love in you and all around you feeling the space and in this fabric of love you fall in love with each and every cell of your body you fall in love with yourself feeling love gratitude simply for being feeling the goodness of your being the essence of your being that is good that is love pure love and you connect to this pure love in the empty room filled with love and once again you realize that the room has never been empty and you realize that any space that you're in whether it's this space that you've imagined yourself to be in in this room that you've imagined to be empty any space that you walk in any space that you manifested has never been empty it's always been filled with love and you realize that the more present you are the more you can feel this love and the more you can feel this love the more present you become no longer preoccupied by the images the portraits of yourself or of others in the previously empty rooms that you've been in the portraits and images have disappeared and all you can feel and all you can see is the love you love their love their love in you in them all around pure love and as you connect to this love as you realize that this love is all around all the time everywhere your heart opens even more feeling grateful for this experience for connecting to the pure love that is everywhere we've in you and all around you is love that is no different we've been all around it's the same love the same love that fills your heart and that feels other people's hearts the same love that feels the flowers plants the trees the animals the earth the universe his fabric of love that sustains life that creates life and as you slowly bring yourself back into the room that you're in now while you're either sitting or laying let yourself really feel this love within you and all around you and remember that this love is always with you always around you everywhere and that you can connect to it at any time and that you can connect to the goodness of your being every time you feel this love feeling this love energizing you balancing your body your mind your emotions balancing your relationships your life this love is feeling every aspect and dimensions of your life and your being and filled with this love relaxed open expanded slowly begin to deepen your breath wiggle your fingers and your toes and gently open your eyes you you


  1. Marion LaPierre

    Thanks you for your beautiful guided meditation. Having attended an advanced retreat with Dr. Joe last September and the many unknowns I am living at this time , your meditations are supporting my healing.💕

  2. Karen Baumgartel

    Very nice! Thank you again. If I may make just 2 suggestions: I was at times (also in a previous meditation I listened to with your lovely voice) somewhat distracted by the pronunciation of the word „focus“. It sounded to me (with my Canadian ear) at bit like „fu“ and not „fo“, so I would suggest a bit more oh sound with more rounded lips. Being a singer and teacher of singing here in Germany, I am quite particular about the pronunciation of words in English. Also I was confused by the word „exhale“. To me it sounded like „excell“ until I realized exhale was meant. But more to the point, this meditation did somewhat calm my mind, and I know I will do it several more times. I tried a meditation spoked by Dr. Joe last night, and even though I enjoy listening to him speak and lecture, I do prefer your deliverance during the meditations. Thanks yet again!

  3. roy york

    To be " That " what notices the Thoughts come and go, is Only Found when we ( Take No Thought ) The Wordless Mind. peace 🎼🎧🎼👌


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