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The Farm of the Future | Earthship Inspired Greenhouse | Valhalla Kickstarter Promo

Valhalla is a community of people hell-bent On making communal, sustainable living mainstream. Together we can build the world That our hearts tells us is possible So we’ve aquired a 60 acre piece of land 20 minutes away from Montreal and now We want to do something amazing with it We live in a time of extremes Technology has enabled us to either Cause great harm or make tremendous strides We want to make that choice an easy one So we’ve launched a project That will do just that We’re creating a prototype Of the farm of the future A 100% off the grid greenhouse That will produce vegetables Fruits and fish year round All in an automated way That will require very little maintenance Now I know that sounds expensive But in reality this model is not only affordable It pays for itself in 3 to 7 years Solely of the food it produces Depending on how much you can build yourself It helps you greatly reduce you grocery bill While helping you become more green Now who doesn’t want that? Instead of reinventing the wheel We will stand on the shoulders of giants By combining the three most promising technologies For a sustainable future Earthships, aquaponics and passive solar greenhouses Earthships are sustainable stuctures Designed and developed by Michael Reynolds Technology enables a greenhouse To be 100% off the grid By using passiv ventilation, geothermal heating Water collection and renewable energy It also allows the greenhouse to be made At an affordable price using recycled materials Aquaponics is a symbiotic system Incorporating fish and plants To automate the production Of a large amount of diverse food Passive solar greenhouses capitalize On the cycle of the sun To maximize heat and solar gain Even in a freezing cold climate Can you imagine Walking into your own greenhouse Smelling the fresh basil Picking your own lettuce Tomato and avocado for tonights dinner? This could be your reality This is why it is our goal To bring easy, healthy, green food production Into the cultural forefront and pave the way Towards a sustainable future The funds from this kickstarter Will go towards the materials to build The first prototype for the farm of the future We are filming and documenting The entire process So we can provide the plans At a very affordable price So everyone can access them By supporting our project You’re an integral part in the shift Towards the collective dream Help us push this revolution forward By contributing and sharing We We We We We We We We We We We are Valhalla


  1. josh macpherson Author

    AGENDA 21 ., has realy got people brainwashed., go to the united nations website and see their definition of "sustainable development".,it's not good., and when their version kicks in., your little hut in the woods is gone., your new 275 sq.ft. cell in the inner city., and your government rationcard., IS YOUR FUTURE., AGENDA 21 ., LEARN IT., KNOW IT., cause your gonna live it.,.,. OR ELSE.,.,';'

  2. josh macpherson Author

    wow.,., they have a whole generation brainwashed into the "sustainable" thing., the sad thing is that what you consider sustainable., and what the world governments call sustainable ., ARE TWO TOTALY DIFFERANT THINGS.,., it is illegal to be SELF sustaining.,., you NEED government to sustain you with what they think is your needs., nothing more., nothing less.., AGENDA 21.,., IT'S HERE., ';'

  3. capoman1 Author

    Kickstarter necessary???

    I love this idea, and I support anyone trying something like this.

    But it seems that Valhalla is "taking advantage" of the Kickstarter craze.

    They could just as easily spend the true cost to build this out of their pockets. By filming and documenting it, their channel and ideas will become uber popular. The proceeds can then go to repay their initial investment and to creating sellable plans.

  4. Hank Scorpio Author

    I love it! How can I help? I am vested in the off grid ideology and the Earthship concept. I plan on building an earthship style home in the never future. I would love to get involved in the construction of the pilot project outside of mtl. 

  5. thesupermom1975 Author

    This is a great idea but for me to be able to feed my family with an attached green house, the green house would have to be the size of a Wal-Mart.  My 3 boys could tear up all the contents of the green house in this video…

  6. L Ma Author

    It's a nice idea. The technology is proven and works. The problem, globally, is overpopulation and lack of space required to produce using this technology. Unless you can get an international agreement to turn Antarctica into one big Earth-ship greenhouse. 

  7. kiloboba Author

    The amount of food grown with aquaponics is double the food and 3X the growth rate compared to soil and it cultivates fish as a bonus and 0-10% water loss. You can grow enough to feed a fat American family of 5 with no problem and if you get tired of eating your own food you can always go buy food with the money you save. This is the answer to overpopulation, how much money chemicals land and fuel does it take to get you everything you see in a supermarket? The amazon is being turned into a GMO soy plantation to feed livestock in Europe. This plan to combine these three super solid concepts is perfect and extremely profound. I say add hempcrete and permaculture to the mix!!

  8. Samuel Martin Author

    Don't mind the trolls and other commenters trying to derail useful conversation about the good ideas presented in this video… not enough land this, yuppie hipsters that… wah wah wah. Negative nellies seem to never get tired of whining. Let 'em whine in peace, and focus on the important issues and the necessary changes. Check out regenerative agriculture, permaculture, mob grazing… lots of concrete solutions being scientifically implemented as we speak. Cheers

  9. Nick Chance Author

    I definitely want to join this project! It's exactly what my friends and I wanted to plan, however buying the land was an issue… An ecobase community is the only way to go! We are in south shore and its just great that its only 20 min away from Montreal!

  10. Patrick McNurlen Author

    Great ideas except for the part about "producing" fish. Fish, like all of our fellow animals, are conscious creatures who feel pain and pleasure, and we benefit in no way by commodifying and killing our fellow animals. We thrive on whole plant foods, as does the ecosystem when the most numerous animals are herbivores. Let's leave the killing to the predatory animals who are physiologically and psychologically equipped to kill. We won't truly live until we stop killing and we won't be free from the bondage of capitalistic materialism until we hold none in captivity.

  11. Amadeus Prakruti Author

    Greetings and Gratitude Valhalla Movement!
    I'm very excited to see how well you have mobilized and delighted to bare witness to the beauty and abundance you co-create.
    Best Wishes,

  12. lukigrl Author

    What an awesome project! I beg you to consider a 4th technology in your concept call permaculture. Why stop at the house when the land around you is equally as important. Good Luck! Vive La Revolution!

  13. Carlo Mario Author

    See guys, this is an advice: When you are presenting a nice project like this, don´t show on screen people with tatoos, messy hair kinda hippie look. Don´t get me wrong, usually great minds look like that but the reality is that society have a primitive  way to judge things so, just use a person that have the look that most money making people consider right. It could mean a big change in the final outcome.

  14. Joseph Nordenbrock Author

    So they are claiming the first on this new idea ? GREAT spoof on everyone. They're gonna be RICH !!! with lots of cool friends too !

  15. WEUNITE Author

    Awesome!! What we need are teachers. People who can teach others how to set this up  for themselves. Then they need to market themselves so people know about them. Make it simple. After about 5 years or so the amount of people doing this will have increased by at least 1/4th. ; D  

  16. Ana Maria Author

    What? How about less bla bla bla and more action please ? This video really full me around… They lost my attention because they did not show the full project. If i had see it, could have better possibilities that I would buy their book.Ouch !!! Bad bad really bad marketing. 

  17. ApePex Author

    Give us money first and we will reward you with information on how to do the same shit we are doing? How about working and be humble enough to start a small scale project and use recycled materials.

  18. Yasira Osiris Author

    I happily ignore rud, offensive comments and focus on the beautiful future that these inspiring human angels are building, may ur way be paved with abundance, may ur work be supported by all the intelligent, loving, compassionate, forgiving and undernstanding people and darkness of negativity disapate to the nothingness of where it come from, may resistance dissolve as it is illusion and only love is real and so be it 🙂

  19. Danie Syre Author

    I love your movement and I'm in the process of building my self sustained house on a small acreage.  Have you ever considered building a Walipini?  not only is it a fraction of the cost of a green house it can also heat a large home while providing food and water.

  20. putheflamesout yahoo Author

    Grow food is great. The world needs makeover. Then we are all smarter healthier. The Venus Project, the first scratch in extreme human advancement. United World Youth Organization silence world begin transformation moderation means less effort more feasibility. Stagnate infrastructure(distribution ect) rebuild not just food production. One will help the other.

  21. Fatehjot Singh Author

    Sad you add the fish so you can kill them?? Thats not sustainable, its cruel…think about going vegan its easier and its better for everybody, you and the fish. Peace

  22. CricketMcCrickets Author

    Great Presentation. Finally found a property and am looking forward to using this DVD. It tells you how to do everything. Well worth the price. Thank You. Have good older (70s) books on sustainable greenhouses. This takes all of those ideas and puts it into one beautiful greenhouse.When something like this is your dream and you see it, you understand … no time to criticize the hard work of others. Just make it work.

  23. kricotas Author

    the laws in montreal CCQ of construction are going to stop you!
    i dont think they would let you built a house of Eartship…. you will have to go at nort out side of montreal good luck my friend : )

  24. Brian Richards Author

    Yes, earth sheltered greenhouses are very valuable in cold climates. With enough mass as a heat sink, and proper orientation, one can at least grow cold weather crops during the Winter. I am reminded of something Dwight Eisenhower said: "plans are nothing, but planning is everything". Good luck with your project.

  25. Samer Azar Author

    The idea is awesome! I've been researching the 3 topics u talked about(earthships, aquaponics and greenhouse designs) for a while. I wish I can be part of your team.

  26. Svetla Nikolova Author

    Hello, Can you please post start to finish the whole building process? I would like to build my own and there should be a free instructional video! Can you please provide us with more pictures and more explanations? This video only makes me dream, but dreaming will not feed people! Also think of a way for people to build it completely with recycables, because they are plenty of poor people that cant afford the technology !

  27. Rebecca Harmony Author

    I am contemplating what is the best, ecological, cost effective year round growing in Michigan. Love the enthusiasm, and innovative energy. Curiosity peaked, eagerly anticipating your success!

  28. OohzyJohnDow Author

    Guys, serious? You take already existing and proven methods, do it as a some sort of school project and now you are monetizing on it? You didnt invent anything, created nothing new.. all you basically just did was build an earthship but instead of filling the inside with living space you utilize it for growing and put an aquaponics system in it…..

    Could one of you at least be so kind and show me directions to actual numbers? What are the average yield figures in relation to space size? Seasonal numbers? Where are the numbers showing that it is actually worth it exhausting that much energy in creating the growing space? Any testing done on the signals that the tires are leaching toxic gases and residues? Where are the development plans and results of the GRAND plan of sustainable growing on that big piece of land? etc etc etc

    All i can very easily find is that you are trying to monetize it and not actually really develop something new or even show that now 40 greanhouses populate that land and things are truely blooming and booming as it should and you are now providing local people and food places with healthy sustainable eco greens…. 🙁

    Sigh, and dont get me wrong, I am not even preaching against it, I would love to see all my questions answered and be proven an online negative assumist. But so far you are all just showing out to be just a bunch of priveledged students that came up with a somewhat creative case study and turned it into a "thing" to monetize.

  29. sok8888 Author

    Please do not farm with an EarthShip house. It is designed for warm but there is not enough light for farming. A constant temperature can be maintained when only 20% of the EarthShip area is window. As such you only have a small zone facing the sun that can be used for growing. If you make the window bigger (>20%) and turned it into a glass house, you need to add heating source due to the heat lost. Doing this will negates the EarthShip philosophy.

  30. Mark Schroter Author

    Are you dirty hippies doing anything out west? I have been studying alternative building for 40+ years. I also build stuff for a living and need to find something to do for a few months.

  31. A Lost One Author

    You must be [ ] this much of a hipster to invest and live here. And I don't think they really understand what Valhalla is in Viking mythology.

  32. VeganMarcella andMore Author

    Are you selling something? Very disappointing. The fish food actually blows the whole idea of 'sustainable' into the toilet. The manufacture of the fish food uses fossil fuels, pollutes our planet, and some are made from ocean catch adding to the ocean's dead zones, so try figuring out something to make a Pollyanna greenhouse with something that doesn't help destroy our planet

  33. 5ime0n • Author

    Permaculture and earthship design principles are a fine way to reduce wasted resources, but I object to any suggestion that GMO foods are something to be avoided; no reputable study has found any health risk of increasing efficient production of food, and to perpetuate this myth is actively doing harm to the parts of the developing world that could most benefit from the help. Trying to encourage sustainable living and better resource management is far more intellectually honest than perpetuating bad science.

  34. jeweleratlarge Author

    Funny the way these guys all move their hands in the same manner when the speak… Is there some sort of school where they learned this?

  35. ray bon Author

    Great video, however the movement lacks a city sized community. Something more than a few houses. So that knowledge multiplies. Cause this is an advance, but it's not finished technology. With more people on one large community it can advance more.

  36. Ken Mclean Author

    Excellence by example, I love it! Good work group, and keep adding more land and people to the list of those who want to live WITH mother earth, not against her.

  37. Sara Elias Author

    Have you guys ever thought of talking to the Native American leaders to make this there for them to be easy for them to them grow their own crops if you haven't give it a shot!

  38. VeganMarcella andMore Author

    This is old news. Are you just wanting everyone else to buy / build you a earthship greenhouse? Is this the first time you have heard of permaculture and decided to have us pay for yours? Such a scam

  39. Scotty G Author

    They are also trying to raise money to invent something called the wheel ??? And there going to sell you pictures of it and how it works, can you just imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to just go out and (sniff) smell the nonsense they are feed you????. There is a rumour that these guys are going to bottle what they are talking and sell it as non GMO nonsense fertiliser. Good luck with this "SCAM" guys 😉 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  40. Mr Sensitivity Author

    One look at the moob's on those weakling looking guys tells you the heaviest bit of work they actually do in a day is brushing their teeth.

  41. cprboyle Author

    Hi! I found this because I'm interested in doing the same thing! (Building a community aquaponics farm in an "earthship" underground greenhouse.) I'm curious if you decided to go ahead and use an aquaponics system in this greenhouse, and if not, why you moved away from that choice. Thanks!!

  42. Alan McRae Author

    Glad you ignored all the naysaying Trolls. Anything worth doing attracts a small army of critics who attack your vision from every angle. After a couple of years, you folks have an Earthship Greenhouse and your critics just have egg on their faces. Well done! My wife & I wish you all the best with your projects.


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