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The Farmer – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

MHHHFFFFF AHHHH (Whistling) Hm… hmmm… pheewwww Huuuuhhhhhh (closes) Phew (sighs) Ahhhhhhh (cries) Hmm? (Cows MOOOO) (hugs the gift) (Laughter) (Outro) (Starts to change his sign) The outro once again.


  1. tha 14 yr old cool nigga cool nigga Author

    This farmer has a dirty mind I mean who would sell sperms and who would buy them aren't sperms kids.

  2. Fábio Takeshi Matsunaga Author

    I'm thinking so far about how the farmer was able to change the letters of "DAIRY FARM" to form the sentence "SPERM BANK".


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