1. Dakota Lally

    Every fricking time I hear TLDR, I get it, in context, like a "summary" and then I get distracted, wondering what it means. I always think "top level domain redirect". FINALLY looked it up… "too long didn't read", makes a little more sense. I can't expect you to elaborate every time like Rachel Ray and EVOO, but damn I've heard that[TLDR] way too much, and never heard anyone say what it meant.

  2. Splodg er

    Linus! WTF are these things? future video : https://www.ebuyer.com/store/Computer/cat/Laptop-Accessories/subcat/Laptop-Docking-Stations/StarTech.com?a=1&utm_content=StarTech&iitt=bdpWhf8lMds_O.HZ4FoZ4.zT&utm_campaign=15/11%20B2C%20Daily%20Deals&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

  3. good fire

    Can you make an updated version on how to multicast an os using a server image and using clonezilla server or what ever free software…
    I saw diferent videos and searched the web… i had to dable 1 week untill it worked.. ik if you make it, it would be awesome and very helpful. Ty

  4. Remy Ilian

    Most servers use Fiber Channel for connecting to Storage, but are being moved to iSCSI over Ethernet with the push to move to hyper-converged infrastructure.

  5. Hecydec

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  6. Madhur Gupta

    There could be a "LTT Enterprise" channel talking about enterprise tech and the target audience could be of course " The Fortune 500 Tech People (Not just admins :P)" and sponsors could be Tech Enterprise Giants (Like IBM in this one) plus you make more in commission(Much higher 3:) ) if you turn out some sales for their their products through these videos.

  7. Peyman the magnificent :P

    Just a small problem, letting omputers access each other's data without going through processor would reduce the system instability and security.

  8. Ed Parachini

    If you trust IBM your a moron. What they want is to go back to where you pay to use their mainframes. Add to that the trust issue of that off site storage not getting hacked when we hear about one of those companies being hacked almost monthly. Thank you no, I'll stick to NVM over PCIe. I can also store my data in those so called obsolete blueray burners.

  9. Ray Chat

    Can we say this a new protocol for Level 7 switches in server environments ? or would this be called Level 8 ? although logically I'd call it a more advanced 7 … how about a basic TechQuickie video about switch levels Linus


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