The Golden Rules of Animal Husbandry – Weird and Wonderful Pets


  1. Haitaka123

    Nice little collection of basic rules of organism husbandry 🙂
    I have my own rule: if I cannot breed it, or have to castrate it chemically or physically in order to keep it, I will not buy it.
    I feel it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that one of the basic life requirements of an animal or plant is met: the freedom to reproduce. And this means getting it a mate, letting it mate at least a minimal amount of times, and being responsible with the offspring. Especially with plants and animals like stick insects or aquarium fish, it's easy enough to put the offspring back into the hobby.
    If you cannot breed the organism in question, or do not wish to, make sure it's not wild-caught/collected, is readily available in the trade, and does not need to be castrated to live a fulfilling life.
    Example: I won't keep a male cat. One, because I don't have enough room for multiple cats, so it would be lonely unless I was home. Two, because I therefore wouldn't be able to breed it. Three, because unless I castrated said cat, it would live a horrible existence of stress and hormonal pressure to try to mate – which it wouldn't be able to, due to the lack of a female.

    But maybe that's just me not wanting to selfishly castrate a companion animal just to be able to keep it with minimal effort and responsibility.


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