The Great Laws of Nature: Indigenous Organic Agriculture Documentary


  1. heresbigmike

    poetry and indigenous stories of mother earth don't make me less of a farmer whom cares for the land and tries to keep it sustainable ! Mukluks are great If they work ! Technology today allows us to take advantage of new Information  and knowledge that we have been Ignorant of In the past . Modern , self sustaining organic farming and free range husbandry Is on the agenda ! We don't have to live In tepees or smoke peace pipes  to make It happen ! Healthy and organic food Is what we need , that Is why everyone should support rural and local producers that don't use growth hormones or antibiotics ! Save the earth , and save ourselves !

  2. Rolando Macatulad

    Finally, a documentary that recognizes God, the Creator, from whom everything came.

    Please respect this work as we, who believe in God, respect all others. That makes us humans, different from animals. Thank you!

  3. Kim MAR

    Qd je les vois arracher les "indésirables " par ignorance et raison pour laquelle ils s'en débarrassent …' les sois disant" anciennes natinos auraient du immiter avant elles beaucoup d'autres plus anciennes qui ne les arrachaient pas . ( François Couplan ) et de plus il est triste qu'il cultivent sous des lignes " haute tension "

  4. James A. Quarford

    My are so right, I grow dandelions with my plants there produce times 2 they pull nitrogen and share with other plants. I can 't help thinking Tonka the government killed them to control the indigenous folks ,meat,clothing,shelter. bone and everything they could use. BS. Jim.

  5. lisa mcguire

    Money the great evil. These Indigenous people, the first ones here and banks won't lend them money to do something as good as this. Another vid saying that FL will begin penalizing persons living off the grid.

  6. Jenny Otto

    This is Brilliant! I love how you educate while you grow and do ceremonies for the produce. This is true Organic farming~ How can I volunteer?

  7. Shirley G

    Very interesting film. You're way ahead of the game when you can grow food independently of those who only think about profiting from food.

  8. Demba Jah

    it amazing documentary about natureal agriculture i love it so much ,, if only people can see this and take a leason from it ll' be the best , as your say natureal  aagriculture is a way of life ,, more expecially your believe in the Creator with is God that is very good , i am a student in agriculture and i want to do organic agriculture 
    this video has motivate me more about my projet ,,Thank

  9. Anna Carrie

    Many First Nations People farmed for over thousands of years in Canada.  They knew how to work the land and create sustainable farming more than any farmer today.

  10. CrueltyFree Life

    ……… thistle is wild lettuce…. ancient variety… all so called "weeds" are of such important use to the land that's why they are put there to restore protect and capture water and life… you rip it all out hurt the land…. all the nutrients you could conjure up if you let nature take course sit back and don't do… nothing but watch what thrives and soon or later you will have surplus with very little input… why monocrop? makes no sense…

  11. Amal Biswas

    hey hey! Have you heard about – Opalar Incredible Garden Growth (just google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got great money with it. 

  12. Maurice den Dulk

    Really nice video about community and self reliance. Being organic and mindful of the relations between our food and well being is very important, and they are sharing that with us, and that's great!!

  13. rosemurray

    I have spent the summer planting organic community gardens on the Chippewa Georgina Island, Lake Simcoe. It is the noblest work I've done in my life. I love this video, but am distressed to see the overhead hydro lines over the garden. It is well known that the electromagnetic charges interfere with the DNA of plants, animals and humans…..I hope they can relocate their gardens to safer grounds. Peace.

  14. ricardo lamis

    Great video! I salute you people who believe in organic farming this is the best way to take care the environment and to uplift healthy living. Thank you very much for sharing us your noble ideas. Keep up the good work. More power and GOD bless.

  15. beautifulInner

    Plants are "intelligent" beings. They make fruits to attract predators that will eat the fruits or berries and spread the seeds for many miles as droppings.

    They make colored flowers and sweet nectar to attract insects to spread its sperm aka pollen, and give a little sugar in return.

    Its not a mystery to science why plants contain different nutrients, because the plant is build of and need these to live, and get it from the soil.
    That this benefits other organisms is pretty logical.

  16. Rasmusweinhardt

    The stereotypical picture of the native americans as the buffalo hunters of the great plains, was a relativly limited and late development in history. Before the Europeans brought horses to America, tribal areas where much smaller and hunting and migrating on a much lower scale. The plains were very scarcly populated by humans and the ratio of hunting to growing food plants was about 60:40. Thus a basic agriculture (in the summer) was essential for the survival of the people!


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