1. Jerryアボカド

    The only reason I prefer kale over cauliflowers is because cauliflower takes too long and they are quite expensive when you just started

  2. DreamerXD

    You can make 42g per day on the lenght of 42 days(6 weeks) in witch you plant a blueberry bush and harvest and make wine out of all the fruits(as soon as you get the first fruits you place the three of them in kegs,3 kegs are used).With an investment of materials worth (if sold witouth any professions that increase material prices) 1170g(investment is for the kegs,the 1170g you would get if you sold the materials for the kegs)Like this is you want me to find out how much the materials would cost to make kegs and how the investment will bring profit at the first "harvest" of your products.The second and the third(and so on) will bring the same profit if nothing that can influence the selling price is added.

    Edit:That's cuz' i like blueberries :3
    Second edit doesn't matter 😉

  3. Duelist Kingdom BR

    My favorite now, begining of second year is coffee. Not sure how good is the gold per day. But I recover all the seeds and keep profit kinda forever

  4. Lazarus Monkeyman

    Thanks! I would only add that day one of summer is the best time to plant corn, because that will keep producing during fall. 😀

  5. Mike Florea

    trellis & other "repeater plants" are awesome. You can make seeds from all let's say silver results ( bigger chance for more seeds afaik… ? ) . Preserve the standard quality, and sell the gold quality. (That's how I do it tho)

  6. hi sir madame

    For people thinking that they should harvest all their crops with a scythe, DON’T. The video shows the mod that lets you harvest any crop with a scythe, allowing quicker harvests. This is not implemented in the original game, and you do not want to harvest your crops with a scythe. I also want to say that SOME crops do need/can be harvested with a scythe, like kale. If you harvest the kale by hand, the kale will not be harvested and the game will tell you to harvest it with a scythe. I just wanted to say this because I don’t want people to kill their valuable crops and waste their money.

  7. Sam Plautz

    I've had blueberries planted for 16'days, and they've been watered every day, yet they still haven't grown. I'm really annoyed because I spent 2500 gold on them.

  8. I Your Ancestor

    this guys doesn't know what he is talking about. best year 1 spring farm guide is…

    >day 1 spend all money (500g) on 15 more parsnips. plant all 30 before day ends.
    >day 4 harvest and sell all and spend all money you earned on potatoes. plant all same day.
    >by time of flower dance you will be able to sell potatoes and have enough money to buy a ton of strawberries. plant same day.
    >you should be able to grow and sell strawberries twice before spring ends.
    >then non stop blueberries.
    >then non stop cranberries.


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