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The Origin of Huma Gro Fertilizers and Crop Products – Video

At Huma Gro® we believe that in the heart of every grower lives the desire to push limits. As they work hard from early morning till late, growers push not just themselves, but their land, soil, seeds, inputs, and machinery all to deliver more than the year before. Increasing yield and crop quality, while keeping costs as low as possible, is at the heart of all they do. Their commitment to proper land
and environmental stewardship is unmatched by any other industry. After all if farmers don’t take care of
and feed the world . . . . . . who will? Since 1973, growers from around the globe have experienced not only
unprecedented yield increases, but also dramatically improved crop quality, uniformity, taste, longevity, and soil fertility all from using Huma Gro® products powered by Micro Carbon Technology®. Our products are made in the U.S.A. and work so efficiently, those who experience the results
keep coming back for more! Huma Gro® is one of several product brands created by Bio Huma Netics, or BHN, located in Gilbert, Arizona. BHN was founded under the name
Sunburst Mining Company in 1973 by Dr. Jordan Smith, Don Organ, and Delworth Stout. These men discovered a unique oxidized humate material in the northwestern United States. This material was rich in
natural organic compounds and minerals. When it was first applied to farm soils
as a dry amendment, it improved soil conditions, accelerated nutrient uptake, enhanced crop vigor, and increased yields quite dramatically quicker and more efficiently than any other humate materials they tested. By 1984, Sunburst Mining had grown to become BHN and had developed a proprietary process to extract organic acids, valuable minerals, and other organic components from the raw material. This liquid extract contained the base of Micro Carbon Technology® that is the foundation of all Huma Gro® liquid plant nutrition products. MCT acts as a nutrient carrier, immediately bringing essential carbon
and other complexed nutrients into the plant through root and leaf. Today, Huma Gro® includes over 50 liquid humic-based, high-efficiency crop inputs, as well as the HumaBurst® line of dry humates, which support and maintain long-term
soil and plant health. Huma Gro® products with MCT allow growers to apply products that are up to 10 times more efficient than conventional. In addition, Huma Gro® products
can manipulate the plant to do exactly what the grower wants, exactly when it’s needed. The results are a higher yield
of a more premium quality crop, while also significantly reducing storage, handling, and application costs. Additionally, applying lower volumes of fertilizer decreases the environmental impact. Whether a crop has an immediate nutrient
deficiency that needs to be corrected or a need for sustained soil rejuvenation, Huma Gro® has a solution that will save growers time and money while increasing crop quality and performance. Throughout the years, Huma Gro® products have been developed and constantly refined in partnership with growers from around the globe. Improving growers’ soil, yield, and crop quality is at the heart of every Huma Gro® solution. Our highly sustainable liquid formulations empower growers to control their crop with unparalleled precision. We understand the need to not only push the limits of agricultural production, but to do so responsibly. Our “sustainovative” products are carefully engineered and are environmentally safe. They are rigorously tested by independent researchers and distributors. When used consistently, they dramatically improve the soil structure and produce a sustainable ecosystem resulting in a compounded effect bringing even richer results year after year while protecting our earth for future generations and increasing the bottom line for the grower today. At Huma Gro®, we believe in the power of agriculture and in the ability of every grower to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives. We are dedicated to assisting responsible growers to strengthen crops, soils, and quality produce alike by providing humic-based technologies and solutions that push limits the way mother nature intended, so that farmers can continuously achieve more!

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